Pfizer dose exhausted again in Bogota

U.S.A.Pfizer dose exhausted again in Bogota

The national government assured that more doses of Pfizer would arrive in the country during this week. Photo: Reuters/Dado Ruvik

As early September and mid-July approached, Colombia’s capital once again ran out of Pfizer supplements, Therefore, health officials are asking people to refrain from visiting the vaccination post to complete their schedule with that pharmaceutical company’s vaccines.

In the citynoticious television newscast of the Bogota channel City TV, he consulted with the Secretary of Health, Alejandro Gómez, who Confirmed the shortage of doses from that laboratory and assured that the national government announced more doses to come this week.

“I just spoke to the Deputy Minister of Health and he told me they are probably waiting for a delivery from Pfizer for today or tomorrow. But the reason for today‘s citizens is very clear, today we don’t have Pfizer for the city of Bogota”, said the official in that newscast.

In Citinoticius, he indicated that since September 22, there has been no Pfizer vaccine in the country, causing problems for people going in for vaccinations.

The health secretary confirmed that he has held talks with the health ministry to find out when more Pfizer vaccines will arrive in the city.

“There is misinformation in the media and between the district government and the national government because here I just saw a person who is about to get a second dose of Pfizer and they gave him the file,” said a citizen. That news.

For this reason the Health Secretary reiterated that he was not present for the second dose. But if they go for first or booster, they have options of vaccines from other pharmaceutical houses.

“We request you not to attend post vaccination if you need a second dose of Pfizer. Now if you already have a full Pfizer plan, you applied it more than four months ago and are 50 years old If you are older than this, you can take a booster dose with AstraZeneca or Moderna”Gómez has been added to Citynoticias.

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In the news of the Colombian capital, he indicated that the delivery of new doses of vaccines was scheduled in accordance with the announcement of the national government so that in In the third week of November, 1’909,000 doses of Pfizer were received through the Kovax system. Additionally, in that period, 990,000 from AstraZeneca, 2’800,000 from Janssen and 2’00,000 from Moderna were to arrive.

In that Bogotá news program he also reported that bilateral contracts with almost all pharmaceutical companies were executed 100 percent. According to the Ministry of Health, Pfizer distributed 15’000,570 doses, Sinovac 12 million and AstraZeneca 12’000,004.

Meanwhile, Moderna is on 82.80 percent execution with 8’280,400 doses, while Janssen holds 36.86 percent of the bilateral contract with 3’314,700 doses so far.

The situation is beginning to upset public health experts, who are calling for the agreements to be renewed.

“We must remember that vaccines that come through the COVAX system are not sufficient to immunize a population that still needs a single dose to complete their vaccination schedule.”said Angelica Castaneda, a public health specialist at Manuela Beltrán University who consulted at Citinoticius.

The expert also backed the vaccine mix, as suggested by health officials in the country.

“It is essential that if there is no interaction with the laboratories that produce the vaccines, the government begins to think about implementing mixed vaccination schemes for people with single doses, as has been the case in other countries. Already facing a shortage of vaccines for the second and third doses”, the expert concluded in the Bogota newscast.

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