Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Philadelphia Eagles 2022 NFL schedule: 5 must-win games

DeVonta Smith and Jalen Regor after NFC wild-card playoff losses. (Photo by Michael Reeves/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles face a lot of solid teams, but these five games are must-win situations.

After going 9-8 in 2021, the Eagles are looking to improve inside and outside the division. A 15-31 loss to Tampa Bay in a wild-card game didn’t look good, so this offseason has been looking for the right players and building a stronger defense.

Picking Jordan Davis and Nacoby Dean would improve the Eagles’ top seven players and help them put more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. While everyone is excited about the offense, this defense adds some rivets to the roster and they’re going to be strong.

The journey started in Las Vegas, as the Eagles have an A+ 2022 NFL draft class, where they picked some elite defenders and more offensive playmakers to start quarterback Jalen Hertz. Hurts) cooperation. Now, it’s time to build a relationship and build something great.

However, expectations have grown year by year, and this 2022 team is the one that will finally satisfy them.

This offense is fatal. Signing AJ Brown and re-signing him is huge. The Hurts also have Quez Watkins, DeVonta Smith, and Dallas Goedert as three other threatened players. Not to mention running back Miles Sanders is destined to have a great year.

Looking at Philly’s team in 2022, the home and away schedule seems fairly balanced in terms of resilience. However, the Eagles need to win some games.

The full schedule hasn’t been fully announced, but a game is in place as the Eagles start Monday night’s two-man game with the Vikings on Sept. 19. That game was an important one for the Eagles, but not a must-win game.

In 2022, the focus will be on building a 3-3 division record and turning it into a winning record. Here are five games the Eagles must win in 2022 to progress in 2021.


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