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Philippine President Colin Marcos meets Wang Yi, a schoolboy who sits upright and obedient

Philippine President Marcos met with the Chinese State Counselor and Foreign Minister who had been invited to visit the Philippines in Manila on the yi, Marcos said the Philippines follows the diplomatic concept of peace and freedom and has always adhered to the one-China policy. The South China Sea issue is not the mainstream of Philippine-China relations, and the Philippine side is ready to “find a friendly solution” with the Chinese side.

According to a photo of the meeting released by Xinhua news agency, Ma Keshi is seated with folded hands and legs between her legs, like an elementary school student obediently listening to a class, while Wang Yi talks to Ma Keshi with his back. doing. Straight and natural and generous.

Marcus said that China is not only a neighbor of the Philippines, but also the Philippines’ largest trading partner and an important development partner, according to Xinhua news agency. The friendship between the two countries can be further strengthened. After the outbreak of the New Crown epidemic, China took the lead in providing aid and vaccines and protective materials to help the Philippines maintain the safety of people’s lives. The Philippine side is sincerely grateful for this. China strongly supports the Philippines in promoting “Build, Build, Build” and plays an important role in improving the infrastructure of the Philippines. The Philippines is expected to continue to promote political, economic and trade,EducatedCooperation in a wide range of fields such as culture, etc., and continuously enrich the meaning of strategic partnership.

Marcos said the South China Sea issue is not a mainstream of Philippines-China relations and should not restrict or hinder bilateral cooperation. The Philippine side is keen to have candid exchanges with the Chinese side and find a friendly solution. This is the right way for the two countries to come together, so that cooperation between the two sides can achieve greater results and bring more benefits to both peoples.

Wang Yi conveyed the cordial greetings from mainland President Xi Jinping to President Marcus, and expressed the hope that the two heads of state would advance bilateral relations and provide strategic guidance. China-Philippines relations stand at a new starting point. The Chinese side is ready to work with the Philippine side to follow the general direction of friendly cooperation between the two countries and to work together to become a good neighbor that helps each other. , a good relative who knows each other and close to each other, and is a good partner for win-win cooperation. relations”, ushering in a new “golden age” of bilateral relations.

China strongly supports the smooth governance of the new Philippine government, and is ready to cooperate with the Philippine side in the four key areas of large-scale agriculture, large-scale infrastructure, large-scale energy and large-scale humanities , so as to help the Philippines accelerate its development and revitalization and create more benefits for the Philippine people.

Wang Yi said that China-Philippines friendship goes back thousands of years. China-Philippines cooperation goes far beyond maritime differences. Specific differences cannot be allowed to define relations between the two countries, and individual disputes cannot be allowed to interfere with cooperation between the two countries. Both sides should strengthen dialogue and communication, handle sensitive issues properly, make maritime cooperation the main tone of discussion and conduct of maritime affairs between the two sides, and promote the “three good” of good neighbours, good relatives and good. relationship” should be made. Partners A new consensus of two people.

Wang Yi also met Philippine Vice President Sarah and National Security Adviser Carlos on the same day, held talks with newly appointed Foreign Minister Manaro and jointly participated in the signing ceremony of cooperation documents.

In an interview with Philippine media on 5 July, Marcus stated that the dispute over the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) is not a perfect relationship between the Philippines and China. The development of relations between the two countries can be linked to cultural exchange, educational exchange, “even military (exchange), if it is useful”.

65-year-old Pony Marcus with his mother Imedai in early October 1974BeijingAnd shook hands and embraced with Mao Zedong, and then visited China several times, leaving a deep impression on China.

Marcos was inaugurated on 30 June, and the Chinese mainland sent Vice President Wang Qishan to attend Marcos’ inauguration ceremony. Exactly a week later, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi went to the Philippines for an official visit, signifying the importance of the mainland joining the new Philippine president, Marcos.


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