Philippines election Duterte’s eldest daughter set to be elected vice-president, expected to take charge of defense

The Philippine presidential election is over, and Sarah, the eldest daughter of current President Duterte, is set for the next vice president. (Reuters)

Philippine presidential election ends, incumbent presidentDuterteThe eldest daughter, Sarah, is set to be the next vice president. Sarah’s spokeswoman said on the 11th that she would fully support Marcos’ new government, the Central News Agency reported, adding that she looked forward to taking over.Ministry of Defence,

According to the Philippine Election Commission’s unofficial instant vote count, more than 98% of the votes have been cast. Marcos, the only son of former dictator Marcos, and Sarah, who is running for vice-president with her partner, has won the most. Half the vote is more certain to be elected.

The Philippine Constitution states that the President and the Vice President are elected separately. It is rare for the President and the Vice President to ensure that the candidates are from the same camp.

After the constitution came into force in 1987, until the last general election, except for the successful election of presidential candidate Ai Ruyu and his deputy in 2004, the other four presidential and vice-president-elects came from different camps.

In addition, the Philippine constitution explicitly stipulates that the vice president “may be appointed to the cabinet”.

Sarah’s spokesperson Fresco told ABS-CBN News: “Sara has expressed her interest in the Ministry of Defense. Of course she will fully support the Marcos government.”

Sarah is currently a colonel in the Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserve. Sarah said before the election that if elected, she would insist on compulsory military service for all Filipinos over the age of 18.

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The Philippine Constitution stipulates that after a presidential election, the Senate and the House of Representatives must scrutinize the votes before the official declaration of the elected president and vice president. The presidents of the Senate and the House of Representatives have said they expect to announce the results of the general election by the end of May. The new president will assume office on June 30.

Marcos said in January that Sala had made it clear that he wanted to take over the Defense Department if elected vice president. He said that he was shocked when he first heard Sarah say this, but then thought “it was a good idea”.

Marcus said Sarah told him that she had extensive experience dealing with terrorism and security issues in the city of Davao and that she had several programs in place to help deal with them.

The Duterte family force is based in the city of Davao in the southern Philippines, and Sala was formerly the mayor of Davao. Many parts of Mindanao in the southern Philippines are controlled by Islamic State extremists and face poor security.

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