Phillies: Bryce Harper’s best short-term outfield solution after injury

Phillies manager Joe Girardi announced that Bryce Harper will not throw a baseball for at least four weeks.

Philadelphia Phillies superstar Bryce Harper has a small crack at his UCL and will be strictly a designated hitter for the foreseeable future, Alec of the Philadelphia Inquirer tweeted. scoffi.

Harper has been working strictly as a DH since mid-April and is still able to swing the bat, but will continue to be out of the field for at least the next month. The injury is expected to take him out of the lineup entirely over the next few days.

Harper’s UCL tear is an injury more common among pitchers than positional players. Tommy John surgery is a common repair method when a pitcher has a UCL tear. The Phillies want to keep as much Harper in the roster as possible, whether or not surgery is imminent in the near future.

Phillies: Short-term solution to Bryce Harper’s injury

Philadelphia Phillies, proud to own one of these — if not this – The worst defended outfielders in the majors will now be without one of the only decent defenders they have on grass.

Since Kyle Schwaber and Nick Castellanos are both corner outfielders who are more suited to designated hitters, they will be forced to fill the DH spot with Harper in the daily lineup. Odubel Herrera will remain in midfield, splitting time with Roman Quinn.

The Phillies have a slew of outfield capable players on their Triple-A Lehigh Valley team, including utilities Yairo Munoz and MLB veterans Justin Williams, John Andre Olly, Jorge Bonifacian Theo and Dustin Peterson, and the 2021 standout Matt Verlin.

Vierling, 26, is the most obvious candidate for the draft, in part because of the battle for other names, but also because he looked great in 34 games for the Phillies last year.

Probably the smartest move the Phillies made was to promote Willing to a major league team. That could result in Roman Quinn, who doesn’t have a minor league option, being assigned the assignment again.

Vierling can play infield corners as well as all three outfield positions. He swings his bat from the right side of the plate, has the potential for double-digit homers and stolen bases, while locking up anywhere between .280 and .300 batting average (he ended up hitting .324 for the Phillies). season). The versatility of his bat and position will provide more direct help to the lineup than Roman Quinn.

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