Piano’s Colombian child prodigy will compete in Francisco Cruz, Mexico

U.S.A.Piano's Colombian child prodigy will compete in Francisco Cruz,...

Francisco Cruz. Photo: IG @dinastia_cruz

On November 25, the seventh edition of the Jose Jacinto Cuevas Piano Competition will begin in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Ten-year-old Colombian boy Francisco Cruz, who is considered a prodigy for his skill at playing the instrument, will be part of the competition that will continue till December 4. According to the event’s website, the Music Meeting, established in 2008, is held to honor a musician and composer Jose Jacinto Cuevas, and to give visibility to musicians from that Latin American country. The competition is held every two years.

Just a few days before his debut, the minor told how he was preparing to take part in the competition, assuring, among other things, that he devotes at least ten hours to studying music. ,I wake up at seven in the morning, take a bath, do all my work and start studying at eight. I go to school and then rest and do sports at six”, he told Noticias Caracol, before admitting that he wanted to participate in the prestigious Chopin piano competition inaugurated in Warsaw in eight years.

The Warsaw competition is reserved for pianists between the ages of 16 and 30 and last October, international media reported on their return after a year-long delay due to the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, this competition is held every five years, and was created in 1927.

Francisco, according to the remarks made by his music teacher Mariana Posada. ,He is the only minor that I teach as if he were one of my bachelor’s or master’s students. In two and a half years we have traveled a pianist at the speed of a comet and it has already begun to shine here and abroad”, highlights the teacher on the website of the University of Columbia National University, where she also performs two Years ago, in particular, studied at the Music Conservatory of the Pedagogical Institute.

“I don’t have words to express what music means to me, all I know is the piano is my life” The boy asked for Radio National.

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The history of a child is special from birth. The child’s mother, Lina Maria Lozano, told the station that Francisco was born without vital signs, although after medical assistance, he managed to survive and recover, in which music also played an important role.

“Francisco is born without vital signs, in the hospital they resuscitate him and they manage to recover him, he stays in the incubator for three days, but on the fourth day he again has heart failure, he again dies from, he lives for 5 minutes and 30 seconds without breathing, Oxygen doesn’t reach his brain, they fix it, they tell us he’ll survive but he’ll be left with a severe disability, delayed. He also told us about a complete paralysis, that he was not going to walk”, he elaborated.

Andrés Cruz, his father, an empirical musician, during the child’s recovery, asked the child to listen to music with the help of an MP3 player, which would have accelerated the process of leaving the hospital. The child, midway through their developmental process, says the mother, enters a phase of hyperactivity that, at times, they can’t control, so they decide to take her piano lessons.

His brother Gabriel, also a musician, appeared almost as a prophecy at the Leon de Greif auditorium of the National University in Bogotá and Francisco, assuring him that he would be the next person to step on that stage. Indeed, a year after that, the family reported on the station, the boy was applauded and encouraged in 2019, after a successful presentation.

Francisco’s family and teachers are now waiting to see the child’s participation in Mexico.

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