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Pickleball becomes social sport of choice in Silicon Valley, while tennis venue embroiled in controversy

The Cupertino City Council will discuss on the 3rd whether to approve the construction of eight pickleball (pickleball, also known as pickleball) courts in the city’s Memorial Park (Memorial Park). In a pilot project currently running in Kuala Lumpur, two of the six tennis courts at Memorial Park are being used as pickleball courts. Due to limited space, golfers often stand in long queues. He has high hopes that the City Council will approve the construction of a dedicated pickleball court in the southeast corner of the park.

The origin of pickleball was an accidental invention during a family gathering in 1965. Some describe it as a game played using table tennis rackets with a tennis net set up on a badminton court. The game has continuously evolved since its inventionpandemicDuring this period, it suddenly became popular throughout the United States.

There are reports that one million Americans have started playing pickleball during the pandemic and that number is still growing. Celebrities like Michael Phelps, Leonardo DiCaprio, and George Clooney are also pickleball players.

Compared to other sports, pickleball’s rules and smaller space make the game less intense, more social, and suitable for all ages. Doubles are especially popular in pickleball.silicon ValleyPickleball is not only popular, but has also gradually replaced tennis and golf, becoming a popular choice for the technology community and risk-seekers.investPeople’s favorite social game.

However, a direct result of pickleball’s popularity is the battle for spots. Previous design plans for Silicon Valley cities included some pickleball venues. The popularity of pickleball often requires existing tennis courts to be converted to pickleball courts, causing deep dissatisfaction among the tennis community and golfers.

For example, last October, Millbeed tennis players began a boycott of a plan to convert the tennis courts at Hall Memorial Park into pickleball courts. Previously, the Mountain View Parks and Recreation Commission voted to paint six pickleball courts over two tennis courts at Rengstorff Park, which was also opposed by the Mountain View Tennis Club.

Nearly every town in Silicon Valley now has a renovated or new pickleball court. Pickleball is becoming more and more popular due to its simplicity and ease of use, as well as its ability to easily socialize across racial, age, class, and professional divides. In addition to new government-planned venues such as the city of Cupertino, private sports clubs such as the Bay Club have also begun to offer pickleball projects.

Several Silicon Valley cities have created controversy by painting pickleball courts over their tennis courts. (Reporter Zou Beibei╱Photography)

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