Pochettino spoke about the media circle that surrounds the PSG squad and was troubled by a question’s “lack of respect”.

U.S.A.Pochettino spoke about the media circle that surrounds the...

Mauricio Pochettino gave an extensive interview (Photo: Reuters)

Mauricio Pochettino co-exists with hours of absolute tension in his position as coach of Paris Saint Germain, The demand to command a star-studded dressing room puts him in an uncomfortable position where it matters little that he advances to Ligue 1 by a wide margin and is close to qualifying for the Champions League. The erratic functioning of the team drew criticism from his leadership and the Argentine decided to defend himself in an extensive interview.

,Let us not forget that we have in our hands the best players in the world, but also their families, their media circles, their fans., It is not easy. Some people say: Such a player does not adapt, such a player suffers, such a player has problems. and personal? And the other employees of the club have no problem? But we have obligations. You have to find a balance, and that applies to the players as well. We are often the guarantors to remind players: Look, we’ve been arguing for half an hour and we’re not talking about strategy, system. We talk about the first thing that settles down in a group: coexistence in a harmonious way. If you don’t solve it, it is very difficult to find this harmony in the region”, assured the DT while talking about the “human management” of a squad in a comprehensive note with the French newspaper. Team,

There was also a moment of tension in the round trip with journalists Jose Barroso and Arnaud Hermant when he asked them about PSG’s style: “There has been a lot of talk about PSG’s lack of recognition. Are you a style coach or, following what I said, do you advocate adaptability?”,

pocho He did not hesitate to go to the crossroads: “I say this with great respect, but the question shows a certain lack of respect. It’s like telling you that your writing has no style, Of course you have one, you’re a professional and that’s what you’re sitting there for, Every coach at the highest level has a style as a fan, When you work to become a coach, you develop your own style: your taste, your management, your ways with your employees. We are an employee who has a defined style, a philosophy, an idea. Then the question is how and when can you apply the one that really suits you. And it depends on the requirements of the club, as we said earlier. If you look at what we did in Espanyol, Southampton or Tottenham, you will see that the style of the game attracts us. If you look at our first and third season matches in Tottenham, it’s not the same. Because there was a strategy to get there.”

The man who came to the French bank in January this year made a distinction between clubs that hire coaches to develop a project and those that bring in technicians to achieve a goal. “What does PSG want? It’s important to know. PSG wants to win, Champions league, championship, cup, win all games. We didn’t come looking for each other to create projects, wondering what we needed to develop our ideas for, or what we liked., We are here to adapt and win with the structure and features of the players. it’s very different. We are here to develop the ideas of PSG, not to develop our defining ideas”, he clarified.

Pochettino with D'Agostino, his field assistant and translator
Pochettino with D’Agostino, his field assistant and translator

At the same time, he gave his position on one of the hottest issues he should be handling in the dressing room: ownership of the arc: “When you have two players you trust and who prove every day that they can play, it would be unfair to prioritize one of them., That doesn’t mean there isn’t a time when we make decisions. But I want you to understand that as a coach it would be easy to say: this is number 1, this is number 2. It takes courage to keep both competing, to convince them that they should be ready when you call them and take action. Instead of saying that we don’t have the guts to nominate No. 1 and No. 2, I’d like to instead emphasize the bravery of PSG to take on Donnarumma when they already had Navas and Rico.,

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The second point of high voltage in which he gave his opinion is the possibility of the removal of Lionel Messi, Neymar or Kylian Mbappe from the field, which could have consequences for these stars. ,We are talking about the best players in the world. If they don’t have a problem, why do you want them to go away? Even if they don’t play the way you expect, they can be the deciding factor at any point in the match with their talent. So the club made financial efforts to hire him. You cannot evaluate this type of player like any other player. So they are what they are”, he explained.

He also starred in a singular moment when he asked him why he held press conferences and interviews with two of his assistants, Jess Pérez and Miguel D’Agostino, who also play the role of translator: “I can’t even ​—that everyone would love to have staff technicians with me (smiles). We have this kind of internal management. I want to know what Jesus or “Mickey” think about what I’m saying. I want that too That’s what I say, what we say to the media, you listen to it. We have a lot of respect for the media, they are part of this environment. Our followers need to know what we think. For what do we say. When I started, there were some journalist friends. I have a journalist friend in Argentina. We are the same age and we started our careers together. Today they are the most famous journalists in the country And I am the PSG coach. He is my friend but I never interview him because I don’t like what he does (laughs)”.

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