Poland seeks NATO support to counter “hybrid attacks” by Belarus

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  • The Polish president assured that he had “evidence” that these men were “pushed” to the border by Belarusian soldiers in uniform.

President of Poland, Lady Duda, requested more this thursday support for nato To deal with the “hybrid attack” on the border from Belarus to the country where he denounced attempts by armed migrant groups to enter the country, Duda said at a news conference after the meeting, “a few days The intensity is more dangerous than before, because migrants who illegally attack the border (& mldr;) with the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, Coalition Headquarters.

The Polish president assured that he had “evidence” that these men were “pushed” to the border by the Belarusian army in uniform and who have been “militarized by Belarusian forces”. Otherwise, the migrants gassed themselves. How can equip?& rdquo; attack Which he called “hybrid” but “of a civic nature”.

In any case, while not appreciating a military attack on the border, he ruled out the possibility of invoking Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which provides for consultation between the allies in the event of a threat, although he noted that “We continue to take this into account, we know that there is such a possibility”, he said, “but now there is no basis to enforce it.”

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night attack

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The Polish statesman said that at the meeting with Stoltenberg he offered him Information “First Hand” What is happening in the eastern side of the alliance. “Methods have changed,” he explained, referring to the fact that he hasemerging With a frontal attack (& ​​mldr;) hundreds of thousands of migrants stormed the border defended by Polish border authorities; Migrants have been taken to shelters, but “now small groups attack the border at night”. “We have registered more than 750 attacks,” he said.

He also talked about the reinforcement of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border, and Duda said that he urged Stoltenberg to “consider increasing the military presence in this part of Europe, on the east coast, to increase the disposition of NATO forces”. offered; and “reinforce air patrols” in that area. “We take the matter very seriously, we follow events closely, he concluded.

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