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The name of the “Polestar Precept” sedan, which has become a mass production project from a concept car, has changed, and the official release date has been decided. Polestar, an EV performance brand spun out of the Volvo Car Group, named this sedan with a shark nose “Polestar 5” and will produce it in 2024. Announced to start.

When Polestar first unveiled Precept in early 2020, it was an impressive proposal to show the direction of the new company, but it was just a concept car. The company announced in September of that year that it would mass-produce Precept. At that time, Polestar used the vague expression “by 2025” and did not reveal when.

Since then, Polestar has released a Teaser for the Precept sedan and some details, including some YouTube videos that give you a glimpse inside the design, development, and production process. Polestar’s latest video focuses on exterior design inspiration.

In this video, I spend most of my nearly four minutes with Precept’s exterior design manager Nahum Escobedo. What inspired the sharp exterior lines? “Sharks and planes,” at least in part, says Escobed.

Image Credit: Polestar (Screenshot)

“For this project, I wanted something very elegant yet speedy. For me, sharks had that feeling,” he said in the video.

The dramatic rear end of the Polestar 5 features a long line of aero blade lights. This is also an early design feature and seems to have been adopted in the production version as well.

Image Credit: Polestar (Screenshot)

In this new video, Polestar didn’t reveal any specs such as battery range or powertrain. However, it is known that it is a model following the electric SUV “Polestar 3” scheduled to start production in 2022.

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Polestar’s first mass-produced car was the plug-in hybrid grand tourer “Polestar 1”. Then, in 2020, the all-electric sedan “Polestar 2” appeared. It is not yet known what Polestar 4 is (assuming the company continues its numerical nomenclature).

The latest information about Polestar 5, an EV formerly known as Precept, follows the company’s two major business expansions and financial moves in 2021. Polestar agreed to go public in late September through a SPAC merger with Gores Guggenheim Inc., and the combined valuation of the company will be about $ 20 billion. Announced that it is expected. Once the merger is complete, the merged company will be owned by a new public company called Polestar Automotive Holding UK Limited. The company will be listed on NASDAQ with the ticker symbol “PSNY”.

In June, the company announced that it would produce Polestar 3 in the United States. Polestar 3 will be assembled at a joint plant with Volvo Cars in Ridgeville, South Carolina. Production of the Polestar 3 is expected to begin globally in 2022.

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