Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Police at Queen’s College in New York accuse Chinese-American principal “new crown” of satirizing racial discrimination

An online petition began on the 30th, suspecting an African-American campus police inspector (lieutenant) at Queen’s College (Queen’s College in New York City) of using “coronavirus” to refer to the school’s first school.SugarThe principal, Frank Wu, was accused of undermining Chinese people with “ch-kies” and even refusing to use microwave ovens to certain ethnic groups.CasteismQueens College and campus police officers both declined to comment.

The “New York Post” reported on the 30th that Queen’s College Interim Public Safety Director Deborah Huggins was told on the 12th floor with “the new crown virus is on the 12th floor, and I Chinese people fix my nails.” Wu Huayang in the office.

The petition alleges that Huggins allegedly did not allow Muslim employees to wear headscarves, and that certain food items “offended” her, that employees of these ethnic groups were not allowed to use microwave ovens, etc. Was; A former Hispanic security guard at Queens College said after entering the supervisor’s home, he humiliated her with “I hate rats in the house”, and at one point asked other guards to help her with her college homework. asked to leave his post.

Several current and former campus police officers and security guards said they had complained about Huggins’ behavior several times in the past, but the school never responded positively, so a petition was started on, asking The school was asked to reinstate the former Director of Security Court. the post of Sidi Anastasia Koutsidis; Target has garnered 500 signatures, 422 as of the time of writing.

The dispute between the two parties was revealed in the bulletin board of the school in January this year.NaziThe slogan intensified again with “KKK Lives”; Both Hudgens and Curtiss declined to comment on the matter, and a spokesperson for Queens College said Hutchinson has 26 years of rich experience. Anubhav declined to comment on this online petition.

The full text of the petition is available at


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