Polystel advertising girl Lilita de la Fuente dies of heart attack

U.S.A.Polystel advertising girl Lilita de la Fuente dies of...

Lilita de la Fuente died at the age of 37. (Photo: Facebook Capture)

Unfortunate. Lilita de la Fuente, the girl from the polystel advertising I remembered from the 90s, He died on Friday 19 November at the age of 37.

User Frank Rivers broke the news on Facebook. According to the young man, Lalita passed away last Friday due to a heart attack.

“Sad news, the polystel girl from Universal Textile has passed away, the young man she remains, even though years have passed. And from various commercials such as Danish, Pepsi and others. Even the members of Nubeluj “User wrote on his platform.

“Goodbye Lilita de la Fuente Carmelino, you leave a deep hole in our SNJ school and fans of classic TV commercials. Fly high, you’ll always be young, even if the years go by. Tear down”added.

At the same time, the news of his death was also confirmed. The Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Nubelz club, of which he was part of his childhood, as a former member of Los Decolins.

“In memory of Lilita de la Fuente, our décolleté who went to heaven todayShe pointed to the message on the social network that accompanied a photo of her when she was a child.

Actors such as Germán Loero expressed their condolences and shared a heartfelt message on social networks. “Eternal respect to the family and friends of Lilita de la Fuente, who passed away a few days ago, her image stayed with us on screen for a long time and the pain of loss was felt. My prayers are with you”He noted in his post.

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lilita, polyester girl

As it is remembered, Lilita de la Fuente Carmelino was the polystel girl who appeared in the 90s in advertising for this fabric.

Many Peruvians remember her wearing a colorful hat, her black uniform and her glasses, the clothes she used to promote the defunct Universal Textiles’ products under the phrase: “He stays young even though the years go by”,

It should be noted that Lilita was not only a part of advertisements for Polysteel, she also advertised other brands such as Danessa, Pepsi, among others. In addition, he participated in the video clip of “Solo un Basso” with Almendra Gomsky and Mónica Santa Maria.

In her later years she worked as a fitness entrepreneur with her company “Lilita Fit”; and as a cardio dance teacher at the Manuel Bonilla Sports Complex in Miraflores.

Through her social networks, Lilita de la Fuente used to share pictures and videos of her various activities.

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