Popular renewal wants “pregnant” to be recognized as a “human person” before the law

U.S.A.Popular renewal wants "pregnant" to be recognized as a...

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from popular renewal they want a The fetus is recognized as a “human person” before the law so that it is by its own concept a “subject of law”, as stated by Congresswoman Milagros Jauregui de Aguayo in her bill N°785.

“We need to adapt our civil law according to our Constitution and what the Convention on the Rights of the Child says. An unborn child to conceive is a person”, The MP wrote on his official Twitter account.

This has led many groups in favor of abortion to disapprove because it infringes on the right of women and pregnant people to make decisions about their own bodies, as Article 6 of the bill indicates that there is a high medical risk or danger. In the cases of pregnant body and conceiving for life, it is “Affinity of the second degree to the mother or spouse, partner or relatives and affinity of the first degree” Decide on the process to follow. This is in relation to the application of medical abortion.

However, in accordance with Article 119 of penal Code, Medical abortion has been a right recognized by law since 1924. In other words, if the life of the pregnant body is in danger, the pregnant person or their legal representative can request and resort to this medical procedure to save their life. health is a serious and permanent disease”.

It should be recalled that more than a month ago, on October 6, Congresswoman Jauregui de Aguayo informed the press of her intention to propose a bill to recognize the rights of the “pregnant” .

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Popular renewal offers second chance for unlicensed universities

University reform is under attack popular upgrade, Their MP, Esdras Medina Minaya, is the chairman of the Education Commission of the Congress of the Republic and has just presented a new project that promotes a second opportunity for graduate universities.

i.e. private universities which do not have license National Superintendent of Higher University Education (SUNEDU) They will have a new time frame to adjust as required by the regulatory entity in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 777-2021-CR, aimed at promoting compliance with basic conditions of quality in educational service.

Now, in accordance with Article 3 of the legislative proposal, they urge to establish a period not exceeding 730 calendar days; That is, a maximum of two years, looking for which unlicensed universities can regularize the necessary conditions.

It should be noted that Sunedu already provided an extended period for compliance with the CBC and, even so, 92 were home of study and two graduate schools as undergraduates, while 49 were rejected. .

There have been some decisions on the Education Commission that affect University Law 30220, the last of them being to extend the delivery of automatic graduation to 2023.

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