Portugal tightens restrictions due to increase in infection

WorldPortugal tightens restrictions due to increase in infection

  • Vaccination certificate will again be mandatory for access to restaurants, tourist accommodation and gyms

  • The government will require a negative test for people who enter the country by plane, also those who are vaccinated

Portuguese government On this Thursday, restrictions have been tightened in the country Because of the increase in infections and hospitalizations. From now on, it will be mandatory to present a vaccination certificate or negative test for admission to restaurants, tourist accommodation, select ticketed events and gyms. what’s more, A negative test will be mandatory To access nightlife places, to visit residences and hospitals, and to enter the country by air, even for those who have already been vaccinated. Prime Minister Antonio Costa has announced a fine of 20,000 euros per passenger for companies that allow people to board without testing negative.

The executive will raise the alert level from December 1, when state of calamity, the maximum level of risk without requiring parliamentary approval. This legal framework will allow the application of declared measures, including the mandatory use of masks in closed places, The goal is to avoid repeating the mistakes of last winter, when the country reported record numbers of infections and hospitalizations. To do this, the restrictions will be extended during the week of January 2 to January 9: Telecom will be mandatory, the discos will remain closed and Will postpone the return to schools by the 10th of that month.

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Highest vaccination rate in the European Union

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Costa recalled that the country has the highest rate of immunized population in the European Union, over 87%, and that this act has allowed the country to be in a more comfortable position than other Member States. However, he cautions that “a phase of greater risk” is beginning and is therefore necessary. Strengthen vaccination for those over 65 With the third dose – with the second dose in the case of people over 50 who received the Janssen vaccine – before December 19. The Prime Minister has also emphasized the need for more testing and asked workers to opt for teleworking whenever possible.

On the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11, approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) this Thursday, Costa assured that in the country The first batch of 300,000 doses To start vaccinating the youngest children in late December if Portuguese health officials give their approval next week.

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