‘Post Conflicto Corp’: The Colombian series that captures the ventures of former combatants

U.S.A.'Post Conflicto Corp': The Colombian series that captures the...

‘Postconflicto.Corp’: Colombian series that captures the ventures of former combatants. Photo courtesy.

On November 25, in the Fondo de Cultura Economica, Colombians will be able to watch the series ‘Postconflicto.corp: “Canary: Words of the Meeting”, Which aims to show the realities of former combatants and how they cope with civilian life through their efforts.

This production is scripted, directed and produced by Robert Max Steinkist, Director of the Jose Max Leon bilingual school, who spoke with infobe colombia And he revealed some of the details of the plot, which would be developed in nine chapters recorded in Colombia’s Amazon jungles and Vaupés.

“What really inspires us is to tell the story of those who see entrepreneurship, see the productivity of the collaborator, in the illusion of putting together productive patches, out of conflict, war, illegality, suffering, isolation, poverty.” The way. We are inspired by telling these stories, which are inspiring because they leave a lot for cities to learn.” Steinkist expressed, who also highlighted the different realities that existed in cities and in the countryside, and the reason why they would capture part of those conditions in production.

'Postconflicto.Corp': Colombian series that captures the ventures of former combatants.  Photo courtesy.
‘Postconflicto.Corp’: Colombian series that captures the ventures of former combatants. Photo courtesy.

It should be remembered that since began the implementation of the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the former FARC, Many demonized people have shown that there is life after the mountain, which is why they have ventured into fashion, crafts, culinary arts, and hundreds of other aspects of knowledge and creation.

In fact, they are the kind of stories that the series promises to show, reaching the conclusion that “Entrepreneurship and productivity are a tool for peace and stability.”

“These are stories that harmoniously combine the need for sustainable practices with the opportunity to get out of war. If poverty and basic necessities end in rural areas, there is a need to resort to illegality, and be more efficient. This reduces the need to divide ourselves into groups outside the law to work”, underlines the director of Postconflicto.Corp.

Along these lines, he believes this type of chain is an incentive for national and local governments to support those who have been re-engaging in civic life since 2016. In fact, he says his series is a “Test for politicians to pay off the debt of the countryside and the people who fight it day in and day out.”

'Postconflicto.Corp': Colombian series that captures the ventures of former combatants.  Photo courtesy.
‘Postconflicto.Corp’: Colombian series that captures the ventures of former combatants. Photo courtesy.

There is a background to the brain behind this series that, although it does not have a political end, attempts to generate social awareness. “Understand that if there is greater integration and horizontal cooperation, then ‘talk’ is beneficial to the world and the rich remain wealthy and rot at home if they so desire, but its development does not mean a solitary process, but also in stability. contributes”.

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According to Steinkist, the anecdote of the recording was narrated in the southeast region of the country, one of the other faces of Colombia in which it was attested that the compatriots of those regions They separated themselves from the “mafia” of mining, species and other aspects.

He also said that reaching the Amazon shows that reaching that deep Colombia is complicated. However, this left him and his team with a deep thought behind the production.

“The conditions are very difficult for filming in these areas, but the more difficult the conditions, the more privileged the sites’ residents are and more opportunities to engage with things that are not usually associated,” he said. .

in conversation with them infobay, The director of production recalled that one of the communities he had realized in the series, upon arrival in Bogotá, that he named his tribe Altamira, in honor of the neighborhood that bears the same name in the city of San. . Cristóbal, south of the capital. “It’s a very interesting model for these communities because it starts with the principle of ethnic and cultural respect. They understood that there are tourists, especially foreigners, who are willing to pay a lot of money to live an authentic experience.” Huh ” Which, according to the manager, will be reflected in the production.

The series is produced by Diptongo Media Group, José Max León Bilingual School and is supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad de los Andes. For more information, visit the chain’s network @postconflicto.corp.

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