Powell warns of some pain for US economy, 3 yards at a time still possible

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell indicated that the Fed may still raise rates by three yards at a time.Reuters

President of the Federal Reserve (Fed)ballOn the 12th, it warned that reducing the inflation rate to the 2% target would cause “some pain” in the economy; For the economy to resolve higher prices without entering recession, it may rely on factors beyond the Fed’s control. This was Powell’s most pessimistic speech ever on the economy and the outlook for inflation, and he also suggested given that the Fed may still be arate increase3 yards.

In an interview, Powell reiterated the Fed’s determination to keep inflation low, stressing that it should achieve this goal without reason.employmentChurning and a possible slowdown will be a major challenge for the Fed.

“The process of bringing inflation down to the target of 2 per cent may involve some pain, but the most painful thing is that we did not do so and high inflation is still taking root in the economy,” he said.

He also pointed out, “As far as we can achieve a soft landing, there may actually be some factors that are beyond our control. But let me rule out factors that can be controlled; on demand.” Something has to be done. Side.”

Powell said last week that the Fed is “not actively considering” raising interest rates by three yards at a time, but he also sought to clarify the Fed’s stance on the 12th, “if If the situation is better than we expected, then we are ready to move on. A little less. If it is better than us. If expectations are worse, then we are ready to move forward a little bit more.”

Ball so far defended the Fed’s actions, but acknowledged it could have done better in the first place. “If we had raised rates earlier, it would have been better. I’m not sure how big the difference is.” But we have to make timely decisions based on what we know at the time, and we’ve done our best before.”

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