Pramudya/Yeremia Hard Work Get Rid of Lane/Vendy

SportsPramudya/Yeremia Hard Work Get Rid of Lane/Vendy

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NUSA DUA – Pramudya Kusumawardana/Yeremia Rambitan men’s doubles qualify for the round of 16 Indonesia Open 2021. Pramudya/Jeremiah had to work hard to get rid of the pair Ben Lane / Sean Vendy in the round of 32 at the Bali International Convention Center, Wednesday (11/24/2021) afternoon WIB.

Pramudya/Yere managed to qualify for the round of 16 with an easy victory in the third game. Lane/Vendy appeared dominant and controlled the game in the first game. However, Pramudya/Yere were able to put up significant resistance until the score showed 11-9 for Lane/Vendy’s advantage in the first game.

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The English pair continued to control the game, the two-point lead lasted quite a long time. Pramudya/Yere were not without a fight, they also presented fierce resistance until the score turned thin to 16-15 for Lane/Vendy’s advantage.

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However, Lane/Vendy still appear dominant by continuing to control the road. The score for the first game ended at 21-18 for the advantage of the British pair.

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In the second game, it was the Pramudya/Yere couple who took over the dominance of the game. Pramudya/Yere excelled for a long time, but was still hampered by the Lane/Vendy match.

However, Pramudya/Yere appeared more powerful until the score showed 15-8 for their advantage. However, they had lost focus, Lane / Vendy continued to catch up.

Pramudya/Yere also extended their breath when the final score was 21-17. The game continues into the third game.

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