Precautionary measures are being expanded for a cemetery in Medellin as they believe 140 victims of armed conflict rest there

U.S.A.Precautionary measures are being expanded for a cemetery in...

reference image. It is believed that the remains of 140 victims of the conflict in Colombia rest in the Universal Cemetery of Medellin. Photo: JEP

To continue the identification of 140 human remains, which correspond to the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia, The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) will extend the precautionary measures at the Universal Cemetery in Medellin for another six months.

On RCN radio station he told that This was determined by the Transitional Court’s Examination Absence Cell, as they still have to inspect areas of the sacred area, after the process began in July last year. and where it has worked on six of the eight points established for that purpose.

In the radio media he indicated that the search for those points had been delayed due to problems. With the distribution of information by the entities associated with these functions.

He also highlighted that there were setbacks such as the lack of autopsy protocols by the National Institute of Legal Medicine, adding to the clutter in cemetery files.

“There is no certainty whether forensic medicine has sent the information it was ordered to send in order to establish the origins of previously unidentified bodies or will be found in a future cemetery. (…) At the same time, as per the report submitted by the Investigation and Allegation Unit, he started carrying out his interference activities without that knowledge yet,” he quoted in RCN as to what JEP is.

Meanwhile, on Caracol Radio he remembered that JEP ordered precautionary measures to prevent excavations, burials and transfers at this cemetery as it is believed that the remains of the missing would be found there. in commune 13

At that time, JEP established that its work would be carried out for a period of 120 days in sectors 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26 and 29 via the 2020 Auto AT-110.

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“The Universal Cemetery has for many years been the burial place of men and women of limited economic resources or unknown who died in all manner of circumstances, including armed conflict” he explained.

In fact, In July last year he had to order the Medellin mayor’s office to repair the perimeter wall of the cemetery, as it posed a physical risk that could compromise the preservation of the remains. Buried.

In addition, the JEP found other irregularities in the handling of mortal remains: “While bodies have been delivered to educational institutions for the purposes of investigation, it is not possible to precisely determine whether there are unidentified bodies of victims of armed conflict. and, in particular, the crime of forcible disappearance. This was confirmed by JEP in proceedings carried out at the Anthropological Osteology Laboratory of the University of Antioquia, where precautionary measures had already been taken, and where bodies were found from the Universal Cemetery, who died due to external injuries, in the form Violent”.

In the Transitional Court of Justice, he also indicated that this process was undertaken to achieve the objectives of a comprehensive system of truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition.

“These decisions were taken within the framework of the precautionary measures that the JEP has begun to decree in 16 regions of the country where bodies of persons missing in armed conflict may be”, He concluded.

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