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Pregnant woman fined for driving alone in shared lane

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AnswerTexasNews of a pregnant woman issued a ticket for driving alone in an HOV lane in Plano has become a global sensation after she successfully avoided paying a fine. Use ride-sharing lanes.

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The Houston Chronicle reported that the Republican state representative representing the Houston suburb of Deer ParkLok SabhaCain (Briscoe Cain) recently proposed House of Representatives Bill 521 (HB 521), which hopes to amend the Texas Transportation Code to allow pregnant women to use HOV shared lanes while driving alone . HOV is an abbreviation for High Occupancy Vehicle, meaning “multiple passenger vehicle”.

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In July, Plano resident Brandi Boughton was murdered on Highway 75.policeWhen pulled over, police explained that she was alone in the car but used the car-sharing lane, and they wanted to issue her a ticket. Pointing to her bulging belly, Brandi argues that the female fetus in her belly is also human, so she has a right to use the carpool lane. Police didn’t follow her example and still issued 32-year-old Brandy a $215 ticket.

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She went to court to protest, and the judge canceled her ticket. This news created a sensation all over the world. In August, Brandy was issued the same ticket by the police on the same road, in roughly the same road section. Representative Cain explained that to permanently solve this problem, he proposed HB 521. If it can pass the state legislature and be signed by the governor, the police will not be able to issue tickets to pregnant women who drive alone in future. ,

But if this proposal actually becomes a regulation, it will spell trouble for law enforcement officials. Should traffic police stop women driving alone in HOV lanes on highways? If stopped, how to confirm that the person is pregnant? Some think Cain’s motion is “unnecessary” or “sensationalistic”, as there has been precedent in the past, and when a situation like Brandy’s happened, judges would make room for it. After all, this kind of situation is quite rare.


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