President Biden signs Kim Young-yu’s joint resolution to reinstate Taiwan’s WHO observers

Rep Jin Yingyu (left) visited the World Daily last year and told World Daily president Yu Zhiqin that she was leading a bill to restore Taiwan’s observer status to the World Health Organization. (Reporter Ding Shu/Photography)

BidenThe President signed Senate Bill S.812 on the 13th, which isLok SabhaHR1145 Version of the Act. The House bill is a bipartisan bill led by California Representatives Young Kim and Brad Sherman to restore Taiwan’s role in the World Health Organization (WHO).WHO) the position of the observer.

The bipartisan and bipartisan bill would direct the secretary of state to implement a strategy to restore Taiwan’s observer status to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO’s policy-making body. Taiwan had observer status from 2009 to 2017, until it was revoked due to Chinese pressure.

“US support for Taiwan is now more important than ever, as we see Chinese government officials intensifying their efforts to invade Taiwan at a time when the Russian Federation begins an unprovoked war against an independent and sovereign Ukraine. teasing,” Kim said. But Taiwan has proven time and again to be a trusted American ally and a world leader in global health security. Today we can formally send a unified message that the U.S. Values ​​Taiwan’s participation and will work to keep them a seat in international organizations. A threat to freedom anywhere There is a threat to freedom everywhere. While the legislative breakthrough is an exciting move, the battle is not over. I will always stand as a voice for human rights and freedoms around the world. ,

“It’s great to see President Biden sign this important bipartisan bill into law, sending a strong message against isolating Taiwan from the international community and international organizations,” Sherman said. “Whether it is the World Health Organization, the UNFCCC or Interpol, we must continue this. The fight for Taiwan to have a voice in all international organizations, especially as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic. Signing HR1145 into law An important step in the fight against allies for our democracy.”

HR1145 has approximately 130 co-sponsors, including senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Michael McCaul (TX-10), chairman Gregory Meeks (NY-05), and senior member of the Asia-Pacific, Central Asia and Nonproliferation subcommittee Steve . Chabot (OH- 01) and President Ami Bera (CA-07). The bill was passed by the Committee on External Affairs in March 2021.

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