Pride! Petrona Martinez among Colombian Latin Grammy winners: “We invite you to discover her music”

U.S.A.Pride! Petrona Martinez among Colombian Latin Grammy winners:...

Colombian Pride! Born in the Bolivar department, the interpreter achieved statuary in the category ‘Best Folk Album’ for his record work ‘Ensestra’, produced under the record label ‘Chaco Vorald Music’.

The award was received by his manager, bagpiper Mette Monteiro, who acknowledged that, “We didn’t know it would be the last time Petrona Martínez sang, life wanted to shut down her voice,” Monteiro said in regards to the cerebral ischemia suffered by the singer. I want Petrona in Palenquito to applaud all of you. We invite you to know its history and its music. Thank you”,

Accordionist Egidio Cuadrado becomes first fellow countryman to receive awardNamed as the Latin Recording Academy’s ‘Board of Directors Award’ and dedicated to Ruben Blades for his contribution to Latin music – Person of the Year was received by himself at the Gala.

Since the start of the ceremony, held this Thursday night, Colombian artists have called “present” with Silvestre Dangonde, who announced Juan Luis Guerra with Bella Thorne, and 440 as winners in the ‘Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album’ category.

Camilo Echeveri has been one of the most recognized at the Feast with a partial portion of three statues: the first for the category of ‘Best Urban Fusion/Performance’ with ‘Tattoo’ remix Raw in collaboration with Alejandro, and another for ‘Best Pop Song’ with ‘Vida de Rico’.

After the delivery, the singer thanked dgar Barrera—with whom she performed solo—emphasizing, “I want to thank God first of all, because creativity comes from him; to my wife, who dreamed up this song with me. Thank you to my parents who are sitting here tonight.” And he also took the opportunity to mention the Montaner family.

He also revealed that ‘Rich Life’ “It’s an exploration of my roots, and I invite you to be more and more proud of who we are”,

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The third statuette won was for the song ‘God So Wanted It’, in which he collaborated with the Montaner family. The single was nominated for ‘Best Tropical Song’.

No Bad Places for Camilo, which wins ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ award ‘my hand’, It was not easy for them, because in this category was Andrés Calamaro with ‘God lifts them’; ‘Mune’ by Pedro Capo; ‘De Mexico’ by Riek and ‘Keo’ by Mexican Danna Paola.

Juans, winner of Best Pop/Rock Album

“Origin” was the production with which Penny won her 27th Grammy Award – along with two Americans and 24 Latinos. Upon receiving the statue, he thanked all the actors nominated, the Academy, his family, and especially Alicia, his mother.

Silvestre Dangonda leaving accordion music loud

To be precise, Urumita—Caesar—born in was another winner when she won the Grammy for Best Cumbia/Valenato Album with Las Locuras Mias, her most recent recorded production.

His tribute to Juanas, Café Tacva and ‘Divo de Juarez’

Wearing the gala, how could it be otherwise, Penny with Rubén Albarán and Emmanuel del Real recalled a small part of Juan Gabriel with a cover of ‘I have no money,’ which is, in fact, ‘ Origins’, the album by the Colombian that earned them the Gramophone for ‘Best Pop/Rock Album’.

As an unprecedented phenomenon, Juan Esteban Aristizbal – the artist’s maiden name – managed to put on a suit and tie to the Mexicans.

Photos: Screenshots - TNT/Twitter @marchenajr

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