Professional Futsal League Adopts Laws Of The Games 2021/2022 as Competition Rules

SportsProfessional Futsal League Adopts Laws Of The Games 2021/2022...

Professional Futsal League Adopts Laws Of The Games 2021/2022 as Competition Rules. Photo: MNC Media

JAKARTA – Ahead of the 2021 Professional Futsal League (LFP), Indonesian Futsal Federation (FFI) officially sent the verification form, competition regulations, and revised match schedule to the participating teams on November 16, 2021.

The verification form consists of the participating club registration form, participant team approval, player contract draft, player and team official registration form, and youth player/academic player form.

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Meanwhile, the competition regulations that must be obeyed by all participants and become the main guidelines for organizing the competition are, Match Specific Rules (PKP), Club Licensing Regulations, and Team Equipment Provisions.

PKP LFP 2021 has officially adopted the Laws of the Games 2021/2022 as competition rules. Coach Junika Rahmat Romadhon said the strength map of the participating teams this year was evenly distributed.

“The map of strength is much more even because almost all preparation teams are effective for only 1-2 months except Bintang Timur Surabaya which has many new players of national team caliber. BTS and defending champion Blacksteell Manokwari are favorites, while 10 other clubs can be stumbling blocks for both of them,” said This coach who is also familiarly called Doni Zola.

The Assistant Coach of the National Team who is currently managing the debutant team of Sadakata FC, Sayan Karmadi is optimistic about meeting the target despite the short preparation time.

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“For the team’s achievement target from management, of course we want to stay in the LFP this season and be in the middle position of the final standings. Moreover, with only one month of preparation, we definitely have to work hard to prepare the team,” said the coach who had won the 2016 LFP. with Blacksteel Manokwari.

The following is a summary of the verification files that must be completed by 2021 Professional Futsal League participants:

A. Legal Aspect
The club must be a legal entity, which has a deed of establishment and a deed of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
B. Sport Aspects
The club must have fostered players, meaning that the club must have a supportive academy to print players of this age group
C. Infrastructure Aspect
Clubs must own or rent a homebase / training ground to support the training program
D. Personnel Aspect
Forming and contracting players and officials to compete in competitions, requiring MEN club participants to register players in the U-20 age group at least 1 player and 1 goalkeeper. and form a management team.
E. Financial Aspect
The club must have an account and NPWP in the name of the club, must be free from debt from third parties that can interfere with the club’s finances when competing, be able to show the Team’s Draft Budget (RAB) for one season.


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