Home World News Promoting the internationalization of the carbon rights market, Tian Jianzhong leads the team to “accomplish its mission”

Promoting the internationalization of the carbon rights market, Tian Jianzhong leads the team to “accomplish its mission”

Promoting the internationalization of the carbon rights market, Tian Jianzhong leads the team to “accomplish its mission”

Taiwan’s first carbon rights transaction was officially launched at the end of last year, and the transaction volume was much better than originally expected. Tian Jianzhong, general manager of Taiwan Carbon Rights Exchange, led the team and expressed determination to “achieve”. Mission”, to start from scratch and complete transactions between buyers and sellers. He played a vital role in this “impossible mission”.

Tian Jianzhong graduated from the Department of Accounting and Institute of Political Science and Technology of National Taiwan University. In addition to holding certifications such as Taiwanese Accountant, Internal Auditor, Securities Analyst and American Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), he has also worked in the Securities and Futures Bureau and stock exchanges. The experience was quite excellent.

The Taiwan Carbon Exchange is headquartered in Kaohsiung and operates in both the high-speed and northern regions. Furthermore, the initial focus is on building infrastructure such as carbon consultation and education and promotion. Tian Jianzhong frequently travels north and south, taking a record seven high-speed trains a week. Traveling back and forth, and having meetings in the evenings with European suppliers and other concerned people, it was very hard work.

He revealed that in the early days of the establishment of the Taiwan Carbon Exchange, both buyers and sellers had to start from scratch, and were always rejected during the negotiation process. It was originally expected that when the international carbon rights trading platform was launched late last year, only one or two products would be available for trading. Fortunately, it was found successfully. supplier, and seven products have been successfully placed on the shelves.

Initial surveys also show that most buyers think that purchasing carbon rights is “too advanced” and they only need to do “RE100” first. After negotiations with suppliers on the Taiwan Carbon Exchange and the prices of some commodities being quite competitive compared with those on other international trading platforms, buyers came in large numbers instead, and finally 30 companies were selected to open accounts, and 27 companies actually participated.

Tian Jianzhong believes that everything is difficult at the beginning. On the first day of the International Carbon Rights Trading Forum, 88,000 tons of carbon rights were traded, which is much more than that.SingaporeThe first attempt of 12,000 tonnes has already been made on the opening day of Carbon Exchange (CIX). Buyers and sellers should take the initiative to inquire about the future, and we should be optimistic about the future.

However, Tian Jianzhong reminded that carbon rights trading is biased towards bulk commodities such as energy and metals. Unlike financial commodities such as stocks and futures, there must first be purchase demand and the Taiwan Carbon Exchange will help find suppliers before completing further transactions. .Therefore, no announcement of transaction amount or volume will be made on a daily or regular basis.

Currently, there are only a few global carbon rights transactions that provide commoninvestWith people’s participation, will Taiwan open retail trade in the future? Since CIX is limited to legal person transactions, and the environment ministry and environmental groups have their own views, there is little scope for its valuation.

Tian Jianzhong pointed out that one of the key features of the international carbon rights trading platform is that it uses the US dollar as a trading currency, which is very valuable to Taiwan’s financial market. Therefore, it is communicating with the central bank in the long run and will attract more buyers and sellers in the future. In addition to joining, it will also be more conducive to the internationalization of the domestic carbon rights market.

Furthermore, Taiwan Carbon Exchange has officially joined the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA). Tian Jianzhong pointed out that IETA is a non-profit organization and one of the three major research organizations on the global carbon market, along with International Carbon Action. Partnership (ICAP) and the World Bank. Currently it has more than 320 members. This includes internationally renowned carbon exchanges, carbon rights issuing agencies, carbon rights rating agencies and other institutions. In the future, Taiwan Carbon Exchange will actively participate in international activities. Bringing Taiwan into line with international standards and paving the way for a net-zero transition.

Tian Jianzhong never forgets to emphasize that Taiwan carbon exchange is the sole basis of TaiwanClimate changeIn response to the provisions of the law, the Ministry of the Environment tasked the Financial Supervisory Commission to designate an officially designated agency to handle the quota transactions specified in the law. Through the introduction of trading platforms and market institutions, carbon rights transactions can be ensured to be “fair and transparent”.



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