PSSI Promises to Fight Fixing Cases

SportsPSSI Promises to Fight Fixing Cases

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JAKARTAPSSI committed to eradicating cases score setting or match fixing in the world of Indonesian football. PSSI general chairman Mochamad Iriawan He admitted that he was upset that the case was now re-emerging.

The case of setting Match Fixing was widely heard again after the case of several individuals in Serang Serang being proven to have fixed the score. The same thing is now happening again in Liga 3 which involves three clubs, Gresik Putra FC, NZR Sumbersari FC, and Persema Malang.

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Mochamad Iriawan now seems even more annoyed with the rise of Match Fixing cases that have occurred in Indonesian football. He was also committed to following up all cases to completion.

“I will continue to encourage every case related to cases of alleged bribery or match fixing, we will certainly encourage them to be followed up. That’s my commitment,” said the man who is familiar with Iwan Bule’s nickname to the media crew, Tuesday (11/23/2021).

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Previously, several individuals at PSSI were also reported to have been involved in the Match Fixing case that occurred in Indonesia. However, Iriawan dared to guarantee that none of the PSSI administrators were involved in the case.

“In addition, I also convey that there is no indication of the involvement of our management,” he concluded.

Iwan Bule also promised to take firm action if any member of PSSi was involved in the case. He also hopes that the Indonesian people will not scapegoat PSSI in this case.

“If there is, we will brush it all off. Distinguishing the match fixing case with the federation does not mean that there is a case that means the federation is broken,” he concluded.


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