Putin, not expecting to meet Zelensky? Kremlin reiterates ‘a condition’

The Kremlin reiterated on the 13th that the terms for the meeting between the Russian and Ukrainian presidents are to be prepared documenting the agreement to be signed.Associated Press

Kremlin spokesman Peskov said in a press conference on the 13th,Russianot against the presidentPutinwith the President of Ukrainezelenskymeeting, but the documents finalized at the meeting must be prepared before that. “Without specific preparations, the meeting may not be possible.”

Asked by journalists whether Putin and Zelensky could meet, Peskov replied: “The situation on this issue has not changed at all, you know the position of the Russian president very well. No one categorically denied it. It is a meeting, but it has to be a ready meeting. How is that preparation? It should be a document that will be finalized at a higher level.”

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