Question and Answer: What are the powers of the state of Peru?

U.S.A.Question and Answer: What are the powers of the...

Latest news from Peru. with recent changes President Pedro Castillo’s governmentIt is worth remembering that it is a fundamental and important part of the structure of powers that govern our country. Next, we share valuable data about them:

What are the powers of the state of Peru?

In the organization of the state and its republic, the government is unitary, representative and decentralized. There are three independent powers: Executive power, legislative power and judicial power. The following data must be specified:

  1. The constitutional president as of July 28, 2026 is Pedro Castillo Terrones.
  2. The executive branch consists of a president and two vice presidents.
  3. Legislative power with a unicameral parliament consisting of 130 members. It has a unicameral parliament and has 120 members or Congressmen. The congressional function is full-time; During the hours of operation of Congress, he is prohibited from holding any office or exercising any profession or trade.

The power to administer justice emanates from the people and is exercised by whom? power of attorney through its hierarchical bodies in accordance with the constitution and laws. The Constitutional Court is part of the control of constitutionalism. It is autonomous and independent of other constitutional bodies. It is subject only to the Constitution and its biological law.

The presidential system is a representative form of government, where the powers of the state are divided into executive, legislative and judicial. Each of them is autonomous and independent.

The direction and management of public services is entrusted to the Council of Ministers; and to each Minister in matters falling within the purview of the portfolio for which he is in charge.

Fact: In President‘s rule, both executive and legislative powers are elected by popular vote.

Pedro Castillo.
Pedro Castillo. Photo: Andina.

President‘s duty

The executive power is exercised by the President, who performs the functions of the head of state. He symbolizes and represents the enduring interests of the country. In turn, as the head of government, he is the one who directs government policy, supported by a politico-electoral majority.

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Who is the President of Peru?

Jose Pedro Castillo Terrones He is a Peruvian teacher, rondeiro, union leader and politician. He was born in the city of Puna in the Tacabamba district of the Chota province of Cajamarca region. He is the third of nine siblings, the child of Ireo Castillo Nez and Mavila Terrones Guevara, illiterate farmers.

He was a patrol party during his youth and even became the national leader of the organization of peasant tours. As a primary school teacher and chairman of the conflict committee of the regional bases of the Unique Union of Education Workers of Peru, he became known nationally for being the main leader in the 2017 teacher strike.

* Information shared by the official website of the Presidency of the Republic of Peru.

How many ministries are there in Peru?

These are official institutions according to the decrees presented. Data taken from the publication of the Secretary of Public Management.

presidency of the council of ministers

Agriculture Department

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Energy and Mines

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations

ministry of production

foreign Ministry

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Transport and Communications

ministry of housing and construction

ministry of domestic affairs

Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion

Ministry of Economy and Finance

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