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Quick comment / Zhang Zhongmo went to APEC, a microcosm of Taiwan under the confrontation between the United States and China

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Four years later, Zhang Zhongmou once again went to Taiwan as a special envoy of President Tsai Ing-wen.apecParticipating in the physical meeting of the leaders’ summit is different from four years ago. In recent years, the confrontation between the United States and China has intensified.TSMCalso withpieceWar, at the center of a geopolitical storm. When Zhang Zhongmou turned from an apolitical business leader to a lever in the game of great powers, the encounter at the APEC summit appeared to be a microcosm of Taiwan’s current international situation.

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During the summit, the exchange between Zhang Zhongmo and the leaders of the United States and Japan was not only an exchange of courtesy, but also an issue of chips. Both the United States and Japan were satisfied with TSMC’s ability to set up local factories. The role of political and economic partners in the region and the introduction of advanced manufacturing capacity is quite clear.

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However, just as Taiwan has no complaints about accepting the United States as a guide, Chang Zhongmo also pointed to a similar situation faced by TSMC from a business perspective, pointing out that That although a small portion of the advanced chip manufacturing process is welcome to move to Arizona, the United States has repeatedly stressed that production costs will increase by as much as fifty percent.

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This is not the first time such remarks have been made.At the APEC summit early last year, Zhang Zhongmou even went so far as to point out that the United States had advocated free trade in the past. , But recently he suddenly wants to increase its ratio. Integrated circuit manufacturing in China. This is an attempt to turn back the clock. Very impractical.

When Zhang Zhongmou met Xi Jinping, the two sides had almost nothing to say, they could only politely greet each other. Of course, Xi Jinping understands that TSMC may be forced to choose a side only in the context of the US-China confrontation. It is not Zhang Zhongmou’s decision that he cannot go to China to set up high-end chips factories.

Similarly, Zhang Zhongmou is also clear that his opportunity to represent APEC is the product of various political conflicts, and it is impossible for the government and Xi Jinping to touch on sensitive cross-strait issues. Treat each other as guests, so it has become the best choice for diplomatic occasions.

The international political environment is changing rapidly. The old figure of Zhang Zhongmo is still closed among leaders of various countries, symbolizing TSMC’s irreplaceability to Taiwan. The dialogue between leaders of different camps in the East and West at the APEC physical summit fully expresses Taiwan’s position in the United States. Dilemma between two powerhouses.


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