Reasons why Danielle Arenas walked away from the soap opera

U.S.A.Reasons why Danielle Arenas walked away from the soap...

(Photo: IG Danarenas)

Daniel Arenas, who has participated in soap operas such as Teresa, broke the silence and Revealed why he walked away from the small screen.

It was in a meeting with the media where the artist mentioned that it was a very deliberate decision and added that he was at a very important point in his life.

“Some people like to go on vacation and other things, I like to stay at home, stay with my parents. Don’t think of anything, turn off the cell phone, luckily I’m not so addicted to the network, so I don’t know that much about it. Devote time to myself and the people I love, ”said the actor.

Similarly, the actor mentioned that he plans to direct his life in new directions away from the limelight.

“I don’t know, I love acting, but I also think you have to take a break in life. I’m interested in having my own business, something I love, something I’m passionate about. I’m rediscovering myself, it’s never too late to find other passions that give us happiness, Because in many professions one grows and climbs the ladder. I am in search of what happens next,” he said.

A few months ago it was rumored that the actor and Daniela Alvarez had become a couple. Thus, after some time both of them decided to confirm the news on their social networks.

Daniela Alvarez and Daniel Arenas
Daniela Alvarez and Daniel Arenas

,Dream talk… the woman of my dreamsSimilarly, the Colombian actor wrote, he mentioned the topic through an interview given for Radio Formula:” We are a couple. We have been dating for a few months. Daniela is an earthly angel. This is a miracle of God, we are creating and enjoying every day.”

Daniel Arenas is a Bumanguez who gained great recognition among the Colombian public due to his participation in the reality show “Protagonistas de Novella”, of which he became a finalist when he was only 23 years old.

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Then the doors of the small screen opened, well debuted in its first production for the novel ‘Francisco, Mathematician’ (2003), in which he played the role of Hans Hackermann. While a few years later, it worked As Santiago Iriarte in the successful production of ‘Los Reyes’, The character which earned him a nomination for the India Catalina Awards as ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Telenovela’ but did not win.

(Photo: IG Danarenas)
(Photo: IG Danarenas)

Despite its popularity, Arenas traveled to Mexico, where he managed to make his way among local artists and made a great name as an actor in televisa novels.It is important to remember that he was seen doing his first roles in productions at an unattractive time. However, with the passage of time, his name also appeared in novels that were among the most watched novels on prime time on television in this country, such as ‘My Husband is a Family’.

‘Teresa’, ‘Amorcito Corazon’, ‘Indomitable Heart’, ‘The Cat’, ‘Waking Up with You’ and ‘Medicos, Linea de Vida’ are other shows for which Daniel has shone among the Mexicans.

It is worth noting that although there have been 8 nominations for Premios Juventud, people in spanish And TVyNovel, has won only one award: Premios TVyNovelas ‘From Favorite to Most Beautiful’.

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