Red Sox fans rejoice as Trevor’s story finally reaches Boston

Trevor’s story didn’t live up to some fans’ expectations this year, but Boston Red Sox fans can now rejoice that he finally hit a home run.

The Boston Red Sox decided to pay Trevor Story a decent amount of money to have a productive, strong and often pretty reliable home run threat in their roster. And, well, the season hasn’t quite played out so far.

Sure, they have stories, but they don’t have any home runs. Until Wednesday night, that was it. Finally, on Wednesday, Storey hit his first home run for the Red Sox. Story hits his first home run in the 2022 MLB season.

Of course, that legendary home run gave Red Sox fans every reason to celebrate.

Boston Red Sox fans celebrate Trevor Story’s final home run

The home run came in the second inning of the Red Sox’s game against the Atlanta Braves. With one out and Alex Verdugo already at second base, Story happened to launch a home run just 422 feet from halffield.

That got Red Sox fans on Twitter excited.

People prepared memes and tweets to celebrate the home run.

Red Sox fans have been waiting for this for a while! Their favorite team has been struggling this season, and Story, a guy brought in to help the Red Sox succeed this season, took a while to actually hit a home run.

And he finally did. Of course, at the end of the day, home runs weren’t enough, and the Red Sox fell 5-3. Boston is 11-20 this season.

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