Reflections of Laura Londono in “the days when everything weighs”

U.S.A.Reflections of Laura Londono in "the days when everything...

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There are moments or seasons in which there is a feeling that nothing is going well. An unpleasantness, a mental breakdown induced by one or several causes. And, along the same thematic line, Laura Londonos He wrote on his social network a text inspired by the sentiment that “there are days when everything has weight”, one of the phrases that can be read to him.

Thus, on 23 November, he published two photographs, with which he is seen reflecting feelings that are very different from each other: one smiling and the other with an aura of sadness. This is how he began by writing: “Today I want to feel and see myself as in this picture (smiling), but there are days when everything weighs, everything is gray and it is difficult to smile … what are we going to do Are? that’s how it is. Sometimes I don’t feel loved, valued or respected and I remember that I am the one who should be loved, respected and valued myself that if I don’t feel out of it, it’s because I’m not doing it, inside first”.

Immediately, the actress also realized that, over the course of life, each process begins with a new learning from the beginning.

Posted on Instagram by Laura Londonno.  Photo: @londonotlaura
Posted on Instagram by Laura Londonno. Photo: @londonotlaura

“But hey, it turns out that falling down and being sad is also normal, crying and taking a few steps back is also normal, the road is long and doesn’t always lead, Sometimes, although we have overcome a lot of things, we fall back into the same hole and learning starts all over again almost from scratch. Tasty! Ha, today I am not eager to learn anything, but tomorrow I am sure, yes”.

Posted on Instagram by Laura Londonno.  Photo: @londonotlaura
Posted on Instagram by Laura Londonno. Photo: @londonotlaura

On the other hand, how sad she must have been on ‘x’ or ‘y’ days, Laura Londono to live the experience of becoming a mother for the second time And, the birth of her second daughter would, undoubtedly, set up a life happily for her. It should be remembered that in 2018 the actress married Santiago Mora; A year later, in 2019, their first daughter was born, who was named Allegra. Later, in July 2021, the nation realized that she would be reprising her role as a mother for the second time.

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Moreover, in social networks the actress has already revealed that Mikaela is the name that her daughter will take.

It goes without saying that 2021 saw the public see Laura Londonna express her talent as an actress in the 2021 edition of the telenovela ‘Cafe, con Aroma de Mujer’, which ends in September.

Daniela Ospina and her reflection on sadness:

In times characterized by social networks, Antioquena has been an open book to speak – albeit briefly – about various areas of her life, she has also portrayed herself in the bitter moments with which she seeks to express her fragility. , but at the same time, it should be noted that these experiences make a person stronger. For example, in mid-August he published an image in which he is seen crying.

,It’s too good to be bad! Today I want to share with you this picture recently, a day in which I felt fragile, sad and overwhelmed, a picture that is real, so human and honest like life, Do not forget that you are allowed to feel, embrace those feelings with love and thank you very much, because from them comes strength, experience and the desire to rise as often as necessary, ”he wrote on the social network.

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