Relatives of political prisoners in Nicaragua condemned as completely defenseless

U.S.A.Relatives of political prisoners in Nicaragua condemned as completely...

View of several photographs of politicians imprisoned by the Daniel Ortega regime (EFE / Jeffrey Arguedas / Archive)

40 Nicaraguan opposition leaders arrested in connection with the November 7 general election have been found accused of “treason against the fatherland”.utterly helpless”, his relatives condemned this Friday.

,Complete defenselessness. He has not yet been allowed to meet with his technical defense and the interrogation continues in the absence of his lawyers.The family members said in a joint statement when they agreed to their third visit in six months.

“All petitions presented by their lawyers is rejected or not resolved, Due process of law has not been respected and its processes have actually been suspended indefinitely”, he indicated.

Family updated the information of so-called political prisoners -Former dissident Sandinista guerrillas, activists, farmers, businessmen, students and independent professionals- after the most recent travel, allowed last Tuesday and Wednesday, although “parcels” (food and clothing), coats, as well as talking with restrictions. For alone, among others.

their relatives who are suffering”physical decline, They don’t have “typical” medical carenear them”lights on 24 hours, do not have access to clothing to protect themselves from the cold, And “prevent them from communicating with each other,

View of the room where Nicaraguan organizations in exile demand the freedom of political prisoners (EFE / Jeffrey Arguedas / Archive)
View of the room where Nicaraguan organizations in exile demand the freedom of political prisoners (EFE / Jeffrey Arguedas / Archive)

Former guerrilla imprisoned in “completely sealed cell”

He argued that the leader of the Unamos party, the former Sandinista Renewal Movement (MRS), Tamara Davila,Remains in a completely sealed cell”, a situation that even former guerrillas are now experiencing Dora Maria Tellez, Anna Margarita Vigil and Suyen Barhona, all Sandinista dissatisfied.

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He also condemned Harassment by prison guards, known as “El Chipote” and administered by the National Police.

The visitors suffered”Exaggerated presence of police officers, physical search including removal of clothing and underwear, disposal of items for personal use”, he condemned.

The families of the 40 convicts believed that “irreversible physical and mental harm was being caused due to the circumstances in which they were kept”.

Among his demands, he requested his “urgency”.Immediate and unrestricted release“For 40 and both”For more than 150 political prisoners,

Opposition leaders, businessmen and independent professionals have been charged with crimes considered to be sedition and money laundering. His relatives and defense lawyers insist on his innocence.

among prisoners Seven are those who declared their interest in competing with dictator Daniel Ortega in the previous day‘s general election, in which the leader was re-elected and who was described as “illegitimate” by the opposition, the Organization of American States, the European Union and part of the international community.

(with info from EFE)

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