Reopening new crown summit, United States calls on countries to renew their commitments

The number of new coronary pneumonia-related deaths in the United States has passed the 1 million mark, and President Biden will order the flag to be lowered at half-mast in tribute.Euronews

The second New Crown Video Summit, co-organized by the United States, Belize, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal, was held on the 12th at 9:00 AM Eastern Time. US Vice President Harris and at least ten national leaders gave speeches. Senior US government officials said:EpidemicIt is not over yet, and it still requires closer cooperation between the public and private sectors across the country, as well as updating the resources and policy commitments that countries have invested in fighting the pandemic.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 6.25 million people die from new coronary pneumonia worldwide, and the number of deaths in the United States will exceed one million.President of the United StatesBidenAttending the summit’s opening ceremony as a pre-recorded conversation, Biden said: “We can’t keep silent about this kind of pain. In order to heal, we must learn lessons. We have to learn about the pandemic. One should be alert and do everything. We can save as many people as possible.”

This is the second time the US has held a COVID-19 summit. The first was held in September last year, during which it pledged to donate more than 1 billion doses.vaccineto all parts of the world.

The United States has shipped more than 540 million doses of the vaccine to 110 countries, making it the world’s largest vaccine donor. However, of the more than a billion doses of vaccines donated globally, more than 680 million doses were eliminated in developing countries that received them due to a lack of transportation pipelines, indicating that the current problem is with the availability of vaccines. There is no shortage, but there is a shortage of cold chain equipment, manpower for transportation and storage.

Senior officials said in the pre-meeting briefing that the summit had three priorities. First, the pandemic is not over yet. To combat new subtypes of the virus, more resources should be invested in the development and promotion of vaccines; Secondly, there are currently an average of 2,000 people dying from new Crown disease every day in the world, and the summit will focus on discussing high-risk groups. Provide vaccines, tests and treatments; Third, to prevent the next virus version, countries need to strengthen their surveillance capabilities and develop medical countermeasures.

Senior US officials said the world would expand financial aid based on the current $3.1 billion, calling on the US Congress to quickly pass the $225 billion emergency budget proposed by the White House for the new crown; One hundred million US dollars.

The White House had already said that South Africa, Canada, Japan, India, South Korea, New Zealand, the European Union and Spain and other countries, the private sector such as the British Charitable Foundation Welcome, Google and the largest private charitable foundation in the United States The Bill & Melinda The Gates Foundation and Gavi, the Global Vaccine Alliance, will respond with financial and policy commitments.

Senior officials said the United States hosted the first COVID-19 summit last year to lead the global response to the pandemic and delivered more than 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to 100 countries around the world without any strings attached. Connected, provided to save lives; Epidemic work.

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