Reprimands and accusations between France and the United Kingdom after the deadly shipwreck in the English Channel

WorldReprimands and accusations between France and the United Kingdom...

,Calais. tragedy from,death in the channel, The ship shook the front pages of the French and British press across the English Channel, killing at least 27 migrants on Wednesday. London and Paris hold urgent talks In an atmosphere of mutual hatred and accusations To find an effective solution to a problem that has been going on for years. President of France, Emmanuel Macron, even more cooperation is needed The European Union, “with the immediate reinforcement of the means” frontex On the EU’s external borders, “a country of transit, to prevent migrants from reaching France,” he recalled. Crisis at a time of dire relations between the French and British governments due to migration and other causes arising from Brexit. worsens, such as fisheries conflict an environment that does not help to improve cooperation in the fight against it organized drug gang,

first minister, boris johnson, Once again proposed the deployment of British forces in French soil and waters to participate in joint surveillance patrols. The French President rejects this foreign interference that would violate national sovereignty. In a telephone conversation that the two had a few hours after the fatal incident, Macron insisted “mutual responsibility“France and the United Kingdom in this crisis and asked Johnson not to”Making a dramatic situation important for political purposes“Johnson responded with what France has done so far to stop the traffic of illegal vessels.”It is not enough,

greatest loss of human life

The latest incident on one of the world‘s busiest sea lanes is the biggest loss of human life since smugglers of irregular migrants began using that route more. French officials were trying to identify the bodies recovered from here on Thursday 17 men, seven women, two teenage boys and one girl, His ship sank after leaving the beaches near Dunkirk for England. One of the dead was pregnant. French authorities have arrested five people for their alleged responsibility in the tragedy.

The task of ascertaining the origins of the drowned is complex as most of those who undertake the dangerous journey do not carry documents with them. Two people, a Somali and an Iraqi, who were rescued from the icy waters of the English Channel, have been hospitalized in critical condition. Despite the tragedy, waters agitated by the prevailing cold and strong winds, new boats with asylum seekers arrived in Dover early Thursday.

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Protect 150 kilometers of coastline

“These people are exploited on their way to England. Unfortunately this has been happening every day for the last 20 years,” said the French interior minister, Gerald Darminin, who indicated that a large part of the responsibility falls on the United Kingdom not to diligently weed out illegal migrants who manage to reach its territory. They see the British labor market as more accessible to people who don’t have papers, according to Darmanin, who also spoke on the phone with his British counterpart, Priti Patel.

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Irregular migrant visits have long caused tensions between France and Britain. Situation has gotten worse in the last three years, Increased controls on trucks crossing the border from the mainland (the most common route of covert entry into the country) and a decline in road traffic due to the pandemic have partially diverted the traditional secret route to canal waters. Forum. The United Kingdom has financed reinforcements of French patrols with millions of pounds on northern beaches since 2020, but the British complain their neighbors are not doing enough. Since then, France has blocked 18,000 attempts to cross the Channel, but this has been nearly impossible. Protect 150 kilometers of coastline.

The number of asylum seekers in the UK from the year to last September was 37,562, an increase of 18% over the previous year. Boats crossing the canal have contributed to this. In 2019 this method reached 1,800. The following year they increased to 8,420. Now, so far this year, there are 23,500 who have made it through the journey.

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