Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Republican Senate candidate Kathy Barnett in controversy

“I am you,” she said. “I came from a humble beginning.”

While she waits to speak to the audience at the event hosted by Bucks First! America before! , A group hoping to elect a conservative candidate to the Republican state committee was approached by a steady stream of supporters hoping for a selfie.

Christine Hetman, a 50-year-old software engineer, said: “I love his story.

Ms. Barnett was shared with hundreds of voters.

“Pig farming. In Alabama, there is no house without insulation, no running water,” she said. “Behind is an outhouse with a well. But this country allowed me to create a different story for myself. Standing in front of an empty refrigerator door my kids had no idea where their next meal would be. Where did you come from? “

His story and his firm conservative politics attracted voters here. Eric Farsi said he first met Barnett almost a year before he started campaigning and was immediately impressed. “She’s a drug addict,” said Farsi, 49, who, like Ms Barnett, opposes abortion. “He’s holy. He’s honest. He’s direct.”

Sally Schlotter, 58, Ms. Ran along the four signs of Barnett’s lawn.

“I like his anti – life attitude,” Ms Schlotter said. “I like that he’s not a bullshit.”

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