Republican summons raise new questions for the January 6 panel

Mr. Perry and Mr. Bigs were ordered to appear before the committee on May 26; Mr. Jordan is scheduled to testify on May 27, and Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Brooks are scheduled to testify on May 31.

All of these played a major role in the former president’s plan to use Congress to thwart the 2020 election.

House task force members and researchers have been fighting privately for weeks over how to move Congress aggressively, with lawmakers in direct talks with Trump and what they want to know about his potential. Legal difficulties and political consequences.

In those discussions, members knew that a counter-attack was possible if Republicans regained control of the House, according to McCarthy’s plan to retaliate against the Democrats. They cite committee members Delegate Adam B. Schiff and Delegate Eric Schwell, D-Calif., As potential targets.

But both said privately that they understood the risks and did not want the panel to block on their behalf.

“I want to make it clear, that if I do not call them, I do not want to be defended,” said Mr. Swell, who vowed to expel the intelligence committee. “I’ve shared it with some members. Whether we call them or not, they’re after me, how I see it.”

According to two people familiar with the matter, Republicans began planning a full investigation after seizing the House, in which they used subpones to target Democrats on a number of issues.

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