Republicans are obsessed with dunking in the NBA

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Conservative politics and professional sports leagues have long been intertwined. However, that attitude has shifted since the Trump era. Now more Republicans than ever despise the NFL, according to a Los Angeles Times/SurveyMonkey poll conducted earlier this year.Despite watching on Sunday, their changing views stem from the belief that Roger Goodell and the owners are do too much For African-American players, polls show.

The era of player empowerment combined with activism has led the GOP to use those dwindling perceptions of “athletes” to present a handful of villains to its stubborn base. Part of the GOP strategy to sow division is to create a trainable “Other” for their constituents. The LGBTQ community, women and African Americans seem to be their new targets.It’s worth noting that white male athletes never rank high on that target list — unless they’re the NBA commissioner, insurgent Lt/Senator Josh Hawley asked to testify before Congress NBA’s business with China.

The Republican mantra for NBA players has always been “shut up and dribble.”Meanwhile, Enes Kanter is Fox News’ newest face on how the NBA is so powerful unabashed capitalThey turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses happening in China. Modern Republicans won’t actually try to help marginalized groups at home, but will happily tell black athletes that they’re not doing enough for the international community and that they should be forced to take responsibility for apathy.

On Wednesday, Tennessee junior Sen. Martha Blackburn took issue with the NBA’s announcement that it will host preseason games in the United Arab Emirates ahead of the 2022-23 season. Blackburn’s dissatisfaction with the NBA’s hosting of games in the UAE refers to the country’s ancient laws against homosexuality.

The NBA looks bad doing business with a regime that penalizes gays, but Blackburn is a man against the right of same-sex couples to marry. Throwing rocks from glass houses is a Republican specialty. The NBA’s UAE has turned into the conservative community’s latest obsession, ironically because of their laissez-faire attitude toward companies doing business with the totalitarian regime and their own colleagues to curry favor with Russia before it’s politically unpleasant.This energy is reserved only for the NFL and NBA arrogant blackSo don’t expect the same pushback from UFC and WWE, they both have events in Saudi Arabia where same-sex events are illegal, and women can’t get passports or travel abroad without male approval, or get married for the same.The closest I can find is support WWE in Saudi Arabiaand more than a dozen articles criticizing the NBA’s relationship with China.

Where is their fiery chauvinistic attitude towards PGA stars joining the Saudi golf tour, which could challenge the PGA Tour held in the US? Daryl Morey’s tweets about China’s meddling in Hong Kong and Golden State minority owner Chamath Palihapitiya’s comments about NBA’s indifference to Uyghur Muslims spark GOP Senator’s anger. Oddly enough, they couldn’t be outraged at the police murder of George Floyd, the mistreatment of black people in this country. Yet two spineless politicians, who tolerate the irony of Trump (who has become best friends with every tyrannical ruler he meets), accuse the NBA of bowing to him.

Sportswashing is a pimple on the planet, but for some of America’s most powerful politicians, their decision to selectively attack multibillion-dollar companies as a baton against profiteering black athletes, It’s even annoying. The GOP’s obsession with NBA dunks will only intensify, and based on their obsession, they will use the NBA as a punching bag to inflame their greedy base from now to the midterms and beyond.

While Blackburn and her compatriots shed crocodile tears for the NBA’s operations in the UAE, they are working to pass a “don’t speak gay” law in their state and push the Supreme Court to overturn Obergefell v. Hodges, a nationwide same-sex case Legalization of marriage. Bad actors who are dishonest should have their false self-righteous attempts to incite anger against black athletes for political gain, their shit should be sent to the second row.


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