Resistance: Yoni Lescano condemns that she and her family were physically attacked by a radical group

U.S.A.Resistance: Yoni Lescano condemns that she and her family...

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former presidential candidate, cunt lescano, publicly condemned that he and his family suffered physical and verbal attacks by the radical group “La Resistencia”. As he wrote on his official Twitter account, his loved ones were beaten up with sticks at the entrance of his house. ,They kicked me on the back, they could have killed me today.” He insisted.

“The pandemic has attacked my family physically and verbally and they have violated my house, they have prevented me from closing the garage door. We need to kill this criminal group. We ask the authorities to take action because the Peruvian people are in danger.”The lawyer tweeted.

Minutes later, in a statement to Radio Exitosa, Yoni Lescano reported that the attack took place around 6 p.m., when a group 30 person He reached her as he entered his residence through the garage.

“A group of people approached and stopped me from closing my garage. they came to my house […] They attacked me with sticks, they blew up my cell phone. They are from La Resistencia ”, Revealed.

the militants popular action He acknowledged that these attacks were caused by political groups whose ideology differed from his and blamed him for what happened. “they come from fujimorism, From popular upgrade, From forward country, They attack us for thinking differently. They are committing criminal acts”, sTold.

“This group is funded. They are dedicated to that only. They feel protected by these political groups […] I hold these political groups that attacked me, Fujimorism, Popular Renovation responsible”, he limited.

He also said that in the midst of the attacks, he managed to identify one of its members. “There’s a woman who always appears in (La Resistencia’s) videos. I snatched one of her flags. She’s getting big things like physical abuse and house violations. My family had to go out to defend me”, expressed through the mentioned medium.

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Finally, he encouraged prosecutor’s office To take action on the matter and expedite the investigation against the members They have “resistance” to crimes of harassment and discrimination. “I ask the nation‘s prosecutor, because I believe there isn’t enough investigation going on. Are you waiting for someone to be killed?” They said.

“To protect those who think democracy is a peaceful exchange of ideas, I ask the prosecutor’s office, the minister to protect citizens”, Finished.

As recall, this is not the first time a political figure has faced such attacks by “The Resistance”, having previously attacked the former president Francisco Sagasti, Now for the Home Minister, avellino guilleno, among others.

Capture: yonhy_lescano
Capture: yonhy_lescano

Investigation launched against “resistance”

Yesterday, it was announced that the San Isidro Provincial Prosecutor’s Office launched a preliminary investigation against members of this radical group, Gustavo Goriti, Glatzer Tuesta, for the alleged offense of chance for harm and discrimination of journalists; and lawyer Carlos Rivera of the Institute for Legal Defense (IDL).

Within 60 days, the Public Ministry will determine whether they are responsible for the harassment campaigns against Glatzer Tuesta and Carlos Rivera. It will also investigate IDL-Reporteros director Gustavo Goriti for his alleged commission of “crimes against humanity (…), his figures of discrimination and incitement to discrimination”.

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