Home World News Retired Chinese armed police officers stole money from planes in various Asian countries and exchanged them for masks

Retired Chinese armed police officers stole money from planes in various Asian countries and exchanged them for masks

Retired Chinese armed police officers stole money from planes in various Asian countries and exchanged them for masks

Chinese men Han Wei and Xiao Lilei recently flew on China Airlineshong kongOn a flight to Taoyuan, he was arrested by aviation police after landing. The Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office in Taiwan charged the two with theft.

The Aviation Police Department said today that Han Wei is a retired armed policeman, and several other similar cases are also under investigation. They will continue to investigate whether there is a theft group behind the scenes.

Chen Mianzhong, captain of the technology crime investigation team of the Aviation Police Criminal Police Brigade, said that the Aviation Police Bureau received aSingaporeA Taiwanese passenger reporting the incident alleged that during a trip to Taiwan, he discovered on board the flight that cash had been taken out of his bag and replaced with a wad of cash.face maskNT$60,000 (about US$1,952) was lost, and the voyage could not continue and had to be returned disappointed.

Chen Mianzhong said that after a thorough investigation by the Aviation Police Bureau, they identified the Chinese man Han Wei as a serious suspect and formed a task force to immediately report to the prosecutor of the Taoyuan District Prosecution Office to direct the investigation. Formed.

The task force’s investigation found that Han Wei had a habit of committing thefts in groups, and his method was to transfer stolen property with the help of his accomplices. Even if he was caught, not everyone could find the stolen goods, and it was suspected that there was a theft group behind him. After more than a month of surveillance and evidence collection, a cross-border deployment operation was carried out in February and after the flight landed in Taiwan, Han Wei and his partner Xiao Lile, who had been continuously involved in the case, were arrested and Brought before justice.

Chen Mianzhong said that after arresting the two suspects, police discovered that the stolen goods included currencies from dozens of countries, including the United Arab Emirates, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Canada. During police interrogation, Xiao Leilei admitted that she had spent 30,000 yuan (about US$4,155) to learn how to steal from a man nicknamed the “Bald Man” in China’s Sichuan province, and Han Wei, a retired armed police Were officers.

Chen Mianzhong said that the suspect confessed that he had been committing theft in the airspace of various Asian countries since October last year, but he had only stolen some change, but he did not expect to be targeted by Taiwan police.

Chen Mianzhong said that there are still many cases of airplane theft under investigation, and it has been found that most of these thieves are “self-employed.” When meeting on the plane, they will also see if they have “learned from the same faction” based on their strategy. In addition to exchanging information, they will also cooperate with each other. Increase the chances of committing a heist. And avoid getting caught.

He reported that Han Wei and Xiao Leilei were suspected of violating criminal law and committing serious theft. The evidence was clear and he has recently been prosecuted by the Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office. Since most of these thieves come from a certain area of ​​China, the Aviation Police Bureau will continue to investigate whether any air theft occurs behind the scenes. Group.



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