Revealed! Terence Crawford told to lose, hit back by TKO Shawn Porter

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Revealed! Terence Crawford was told he lost against Shawn Porter which triggered a stunning TKO seconds later. Before winning by TKO, Terence Crawford was told if Shawn Porter superior numbers so as to burn his spirit to bring down his enemies.

The undefeated WBO Welterweight Champion was caught on camera with a stunned look on his face when told Shawn Porter was ahead with the fight going into round 10. His corner team reminded Crawford. “Hey, this fight is close. Porter is up. It’s (round) ten.”

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The 34 -year -old Crawford looked outside the ring, asking: “Wake up? He’s up? How?”
He was then told: “Come on Bud, watch me. Round ten is coming.”

Crawford told a member in his corner: “They said he was awake. They said he was awake.”
He then added: “He’s awake? Okay.”

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Crawford, at the time, was ahead on all three of the judges’ scorecards, but was clearly excited by ringside claims that he was behind. Almost as soon as the tenth bell rang, he knocked Porter down with a ferocious combination.

Porter’s father and Kenny’s coach were heard saying: “Focus. Raise your head. Raise your hands.”

Referee Celestino Ruiz later said: “Are you okay? Do you want to continue?”

Porter recovered but soon fell again with a similar combination of relentless tops and hooks. The challenger banged his glove against the canvas and a second time managed to stand up.
But Kenny shouted: “No, no. No, no, give me the towel. Done. No, give me the towel.”

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