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When Apple released the Apple Watch, Apple was making a fuss about how great “digital crowns” and “complications” were to consumers. But for watch lovers like us, the turmoil was hard to understand. Of course, the watch comes with all that.

At that time, Apple was a victim of its existing products as a computing company. In short, Apple wasn’t building a smartwatch, but a small iPhone that could be worn on the wrist. Still, Apple was desperately trying to convince everyone, “No, this is a watch. Absolutely.”

Withings’ Health Mate app is exceptional. Especially if you’re using multiple Withings health products. The app integrates with Google Fit and the Apple Health Kit, so you can port your data to your favorite ecosystem. (Image credit: Haje Kamps for TechCrunch)

I have seen a situation similar to this in the world of cars. Many traditional car makers were confused and thought: “How can we pack a truck’s battery and electric drivetrain into a car?” But some manufacturers, especially Tesla, have seen this challenge in a completely different direction. Tesla‘s approach is this. “The iPhone will automatically update when software updates are available, so what if you put the iPhone in the center and build a car around it?” As a result, Tesla was born. Tesla was brilliantly different in appearance and usability from other cars. There are many factors that determine whether to take Tesla‘s interior and ownership or Mercedes’ latest-generation electric vehicle, but in my opinion it’s a matter of the product’s overall philosophy and approach to design and function.

Considering all these factors, we end up with ScanWatch. Withings has always taken a different approach than Apple. The ScanWatch has a minimalist look and feel, but it had the same problems that Apple was trying to solve. How can we make a watch that has the look and feel of a watch, yet has great practicality and some smart features? Withings tried to solve this problem in the watchmaker’s way. Steel HR suggested a product that would come later. Withings’ ScanWatch is a natural, more ambitious step up of Steel HR.

Withings’ unique design philosophy is basically: In other words, ScanWatch cannot be used as a remote control for taking pictures with your smartphone. You can’t even talk to or email ScanWatch. You can’t read emails, listen to music, or record voice memos on ScanWatch. If these features are important, ScanWatch isn’t the product you’re looking for. What you are looking for is not a smart watch, but an ultra-compact supercomputer.

The ScanWatch is a truly amazing product, with its high overall quality and attention to detail. It’s more like a luxury watch than a small computer (image credit: Haje Kamps for TechCrunch)

I’ve been using Withings’ top-of-the-line smart watches for a while, and I’m happy to see all the features they have, and most of all, the extra features removed from them. I felt like it. I stopped wearing my Apple Watch because I didn’t like the design (a bland black square, rather close to a smartphone), and the ringtones for messages, tweets, and emails buzzed all the time. Because I was tired. Of course, you can turn off the ringtone, but that makes it almost meaningless to wear an Apple Watch. I don’t want to bother to charge it every day and wear it.

Withings ScanWatch has two dial sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm (image credit: Withings).

The Withings ScanWatch is the exact opposite of the Apple Watch. First, it looks simple and minimalist. With the small PMOLED display turned off, it’s easy to mistake it for a high-end, unobtrusive design watch made by many watchmakers. The display isn’t a fancy Retina display, but instead it has a battery that lasts up to a month. It looks like a wristwatch. It’s heavier than I expected, but it also gives me a sense of security. You can see that you are wearing it, and it is not bad to get used to wearing a good quality watch.

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ScanWatch incorporates many highly advanced technologies into the watch with a focus on health and wellness features. These features extend the fitness tracker feature rather than the smartphone feature.

Withings ScanWatch has a number of medical trackers built into it. The EKG (electrocardiogram) function is the most important part of this smartwatch and app combination (image credit: Withings).

ScanWatch has been released in Europe for some time. When asked why the release in the US is delayed, it’s easy to see how this device is so different from its competitors. FDA approval is required to sell ScanWatch. According to Withings, ScanWatch’s built-in ECG function (EKG) is so high quality that it can detect atrial fibrillation (afib). Atrial fibrillation is the most common arrhythmia and is also the leading cause of stroke, heart attack and other heart diseases.

According to the company, providing this ECG data to users requires a prescription and requires a medical professional to analyze the output of the first ECG. It’s not clear how other manufacturers of smartwatches with similar electrocardiographic capabilities are circumventing this approval process. Withings may implement this feature in a radically different way.

The ECG approval process is free. There is no charge regardless of whether or not you are authorized to use the continuous electrocardiogram function. For some time, the company has been working to give users full electrocardiographic capabilities at no prescription and no additional cost. Perhaps it mimics what Apple, Samsung, and others have done to circumvent FDA approval.

You may find that FDA approval is overkill. You are not the only one who felt that way. Withings has been defensive since before the release of ScanWatch, and even published a FAQ about ECG functionality.

Now let’s put the spotlight on Withings’ ambitions to become a brand of health-first devices. Withings sells smart sleep trackers, blood pressure bands, smart thermometers, and body fat measuring devices. Also, the excellent Health Mate app running on all Withings devices is eye-catching as a central hub for physical health.

ScanWatch comes in two sizes. This is the 38mm version and is just right for the writer who has a weak wrist asking “Are you doing muscle training?” (Image credit: Haje Kamps for TechCrunch)

ScanWatch is a fashionable device that you’ll forget to wear, including heart rate, blood oxygen levels monitoring, electrocardiogram function, stride / training / activity tracker, connected GPS, altimeter, sleep tracker, etc. It is packed with all the features such as smart alarm clock. It’s really amazing technology to have all these functions.

As I’m a technology reviewer, I don’t have the medical expertise to determine if all of these really implement the features Withings claims. According to some medical professionals, it doesn’t seem to offer as much functionality as the thousands of dollars of industrial medical equipment found in hospitals. To be honest, it’s a consumer item that you can wear on your wrist for about $ 300, and it wouldn’t make sense if it provided that much functionality.

If you’re a health and fitness enthusiast who cares about your body shape, you’re bound to choose this watch. It’s an incredible breakthrough for a wrist-worn device, and it’s a product that lets fresh, oxygen-rich blood flow into this product category, which has begun to get stuck in a slightly hypoxic state.

Finally, a little digression. I was blaming my Apple Watch for selling on eBay a few years ago, but I’ll buy my own ScanWatch as soon as I return the ScanWatch I borrowed for this review to Withings. I’ve been skeptical of many gadgets these days, and I think this watch is really amazing.

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(Sentence: Haje Jan Kamps, Translation: Dragonfly)


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