Ricardo Anaya once again attacked power reform but recognized AMLO for his tour of the US.

U.S.A.Ricardo Anaya once again attacked power reform but recognized...

The end of the year has caused controversy between the opposition parties and their brunette inside chamber of Deputies, with the next discussion of electrical repair proposed by the president‘s party Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO)Various political figures have positioned themselves in favor and against it.

former presidential candidates through their social networks, ricardo anaya, uploaded a video in which he emphasizes Late President‘s job when he realized that heRelations with the United States and Canada are important,

“López Obrador, in just six years in office, has realized that relations with the United States and Canada are important. Be it late. We can compete with anyone. We have everything we need to move forward. One must look to the future and forget going back to the past.”

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former president of National Action Party (2014-2015) Talking about the future political agenda, argued that The important thing for the Mexican country is to seer in the future and not in the past. Through technological capability, economic development and innovation, Anaya pointed out that a strong economic and political stance can be developed within the country.

With a speech on the capabilities of the Mexican country, the former candidate argued that they could be “given into the tower” or “slaughter of all future possibilities” if power reforms. bartlett and López Obrador.

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“Now that we want to eliminate all our future possibilities, if we want to hit the tower, there’s only one thing we have to do, Making electricity expensive, dirty and inaccessible. If we want we can turn our backs on the bright future that has been achieved by approving the Bartlett and López Obrador electrical reform,” he insisted.

Anaya pointed out that in order to be part of a modern and “thriving” region, it is necessary to integrate and become a bridge between Latin America and North America; Compare Entry Economics of the United States minimum wage in relation to Mexicans, argued that this should be the aspiration to which Mexico reaches.

Similarly, he insisted that in contrast to the economic and political model Cuba And Venezuela, America The main reference for Mexican development should be: “We have to turn there, the way is not to copy Cuba or Venezuela, the countries that have been condemned Poverty by unprepared governments”.

AMLO Morning Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Photo: Andrea Murcia / CUARTOSCURO.COM (Andrea Murcia /)

Technological capability, innovation, abundance of natural resources, and the youth and strength of Mexican workers are the most important characteristics that, the former candidate points out, have prepared North America to become a powerful region.

former deputy of union congress He highlighted the country’s geographical importance for exporting products, a location that could generate improvements in the distribution of products along the border with the United States.

“We are in a privileged position to attract value chains that want to leave China to move closer to the United States, and thus shorten delivery times and reduce the impact on the environment.”

Electricity reform proposed by Morena bench will be discussed next year It is expected to happen in the month of April. The parties have started making their position with regard to the time left for the start of the discussion in the Sangh’s Congress.

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