RM Gai and Kim Jong-Kook sent zoo duo Song Ji Hyo to express their views: Very annoying

Song Ji-hyo said on the show that he did not like pairing with Kim Jong-kook at first. (Photo: Provided by Bilibili)

Korean star Song Ji Hyo has been a regular team member on the variety show “Running Man” for 12 years. They were originally linked with Gary as the “Monday Couple”. After Gary left the show, everyone sent him and Kim Jong-kook. A group. She most recently appeared on the show “The Fried Rice Cake Shop”. Brother” said to his heart: “It’s really annoying!”

Song Ji Hyo and Gary’s “Monday Couple” image is a fond memory for many fans, but Gary left in 2016 because he wanted to focus on his music work. The following year, new members Jun Zhaomin and Liang Shichen joined, Song Ji Hyo’s attention and activity at the show dwindled. , In recent years, the production unit asked her to pair with Kim Jong-kook, and the funny spark they created was no less than the “Monday Couple” of the year.

However, Song Ji-hyo said that she didn’t like pairing with Kim Jong-kook at first, “I specifically asked Brother Jong-kook to say that we shouldn’t make such an impact on the show. ” He said that he didn’t do that. Don’t hate Kim Jong-Kook, but thought “On a show and two men all have love lines, I can’t accept it.” But then she took up the topic of pairing up with Kim Jong-Kook, and suddenly she found it very interesting, “I have this idea of ​​’Is it okay, why don’t you give it up’, I want to ask her to collaborate now. Am.”

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