Roberto Palazuelos was caught in the CDMX meeting with the leaders of the PRD

U.S.A.Roberto Palazuelos was caught in the CDMX meeting with...

Roberto Palazuelos was caught with the national leader of the PRD, Jess Zambrano, and the coordinator of the party in the Chamber of Deputies, Luis Espinosa Chazzaro (Photo: Twitter / @SGarciaSoto)

actor and businessman Roberto Palazuelos assured that ready to win 2022 elections, last Wednesday afternoon he was caught with the national leader of the Democratic Revolution Party (Fart, jesus zambrano, and the party coordinator in the Chamber of Deputies, Luis Espinosa Chazzaro in Mexico City.

In a photo published on the social network by journalist Salvador García Soto, you can see “black diamond“Sitting in a restaurant with PRD leaders in the capital, that opens the door for one” PRD. Palazuelos’ possible candidacy with, a party that may go into alliance with the National Action Party (PAN) and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the next elections.

“Businessman @robpalzuelos meets @Jesus_ZambranoG, National Leader of @PRDMexico and Parliamentary Coordinator at CDMX with @LuisCazaroMX. Bridges are being built towards the Governor of the state in 2022. Can it be that the black diamond will be the alliance candidate?”

You sat with PRD leaders in a restaurant in the capital
You can see the “Black Diamond” sitting with PRD leaders at a restaurant in the capital (Photo: Twitter / @SGarciaSoto)

It should be noted that this is the second meeting with the chiefs in a few weeks aztec sun, in an electoral context where, among others, Governor of Quintana Rouge,

And that on the morning of last Tuesday, November 3, luis chazarro He claimed to have had a meeting with Roberto Palazuelos on his social network.

“I am delighted to greet my friend Roberto Palazuelos and Explore advanced settings for Quintana Roo #SomosPRD #VaPorMéxico #YaEsTiempo”, wrote the coordinator of the PRD parliamentary group on his social network without giving further details.

Furthermore, in an interview with azusena urastik For Formula Group This Thursday, the businessman announced that the meeting had nothing to do with the PRD in particular, because “in the universe of 6 elections that exist in the country, Alliance is coming, it goes through Mexico and the acronyms are distributed for each state, Each party will have 2 abbreviations and one abbreviation meaning they will have on hand to hold the candidate”.

Luis Chazzaro claimed a meeting with Roberto Palazuelos on his social network (Photo: Twitter / @luis chazaromax)
Luis Chazzaro claimed a meeting with Roberto Palazuelos on his social network (Photo: Twitter / @luis chazaromax)

“This is the second meeting (…) suppose there’s nothing for anyone right now, Any political actor who tells you that he already has something doesn’t because all political forces are in their own internal stages, each with its own rules, dates and statutes. The one that has already started its process is Morena, eventually the Va por Mexico table will do its job and also Movimiento Ciudadano“, he explained.

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Palazuelos indicated that with civil movement (MC) has had a “strong attitude from the beginning”, since they met at a famous cafe in Cancun. With State Leader of the Orange Party, Jose Luiso Chanito toledo, where he reaffirmed his aspiration to become the governor of Quintana Roo in 2022.

“I started talking with other deputies, other people, until I met Boss Dante (Delgado); I am sitting with all political forces But still nothing for anybody,” he said.

Palazuelos hints that with Movimiento Ciudadano he has
Palazuelos hinted he has a “strong outlook from the start” with Movimiento Ciudadano (Photo: Instagram / @robertopalazuelosbadeaux)

the actor said got from the table goes through mexico, where he shared that “almost everyone in Morena brings in purely bought duck surveys”, although in these he is 2 points below Mara Lezama with 80 and 78 points respectively. “And that I didn’t move,” he joked.

“This is the great reality of things. Morena should not claim so many victories now, because if I am on the ballot then it will be difficult for him to get the state,” he said.

And he concluded: “I’m going to be governor if I’m on the ballot, don’t doubt it, I am the most prepared person for the problems Quintana Roo faces at the moment.”

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