Roberto Palazuelos will attempt to appear on the ballot to rule on Quintana Roo in 2022

U.S.A.Roberto Palazuelos will attempt to appear on the ballot...

Roberto Palazuelos known as El Diamante Negro (Photo: Screenshot Instagram / @robertopalzuelosbadox)

It’s November 19, Famous Actors Roberto Palazuelos In an interview with Azusena Uresti at Grupo Formula, he detailed his plans to run as a candidate for governor of Quintana Roo in 2022. black diamond He explained that he had not yet defined which political party he would work with.

Palazuelos pointed out that it would be defined according to the draw of Alliance Va Por Mexico, since the initials of a party may match and do not guarantee that it is Democratic Revolution Party (PRD).

“It has nothing to do with PRD only. You have to understand that in the universe of 6 elections that exist in the country, the alliance comes through Mexico and initials are distributed for each state; Each party will have 2 abbreviations and the abbreviation means they will have on hand to hold the candidate,” he mentioned in the interview.

Roberto Palazuelos in a meeting with the PRD (Photo: Twitter / @SGarciaSoto)
Roberto Palazuelos in a meeting with the PRD (Photo: Twitter / @SGarciaSoto)

Black Diamond explained that, although his candidacy is not yet in process, he is certain that he will rule over Quintana Roo, it is important to remember that he is a lawyer by profession, He owns several luxurious hotels in the state and has been living in this area for over 25 years.

Palazuelos identified himself as the best fit for the position, although he admitted that for the time being, he would like his name to be on the ballot and that by then he would realize this possibility as a real one.

,I’m going to be governor if I’m on the ballotDon’t doubt the slightest. I am the person most prepared for the problems Quintana Roo faces at the moment. that I want to be on the ballot, I want to be on the ballot; And whether you are or not, you know that nothing in politics is true unless it is true,” he explained.

Presently the businessman is in talks with people already posted in politics to lay the foundation in this environment. “From the beginning I started talking with other deputies, other people, until I met Boss Dante (Delgado); I have sat with all political forces but still there is nothing for anyone, Formula explained for group.

Roberto Palazuelos said he was sure he could win (Photo: Instagram / @robertopalazuelosbadeaux)
Roberto Palazuelos said he was sure he could win (Photo: Instagram / @robertopalazuelosbadeaux)

“My hand is raised, a wink from various parties, and not just from the civil movement (…) I have started my direct conversations with national leaders in Mexico City, Directly with people close to the boss Dante (Delgado Ranauro), and now I am already in direct conversation with Dante ”, he commented.

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From last November 3, in an interview with Arturo Medina Radio Formula Quintana Roo, the actor indicated that Raised hand to be next governor of the state, although it does not yet have a political party with which to launch.

The businessman explained that the parties had nothing concrete for him to be their candidate, although he added that the next standard-bearer of the national upliftment movement is also not (brunette) Has the government assured: “Nobody has anything, not even Morenoit’s candidate. Currency is up in the air and can change at any time”.

He believed that Movimiento Ciudadano could be his party (Photo: Instagram / @robertopalazuelosbadeaux)
He believed that Movimiento Ciudadano could be his party (Photo: Instagram / @robertopalazuelosbadeaux)

Palazuelos recalled the results of the June 6 elections to argue that there were still no signs strong enough to ensure that any standard-bearers remained with the regime.

“Morena isn’t going to win at Quintana Roo, she’s there San Luis Potosí, where he kept a very harsh peace, new lion and here The Citizen Movement is already at the top of the polls and I still don’t go out to say my resolutions”, is mentioned for this medium.

Similarly, he said that he is confident and ready to manage the unit because, apart from his career as an actor and businessman, She has an academic background that will allow her to “do a good job”.

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