Rodrigo Cuba after split from Empe and Melissa Paredes: “In a difficult moment where one has to arm oneself with courage”

U.S.A.Rodrigo Cuba after split from Empe and Melissa Paredes:...

Rodrigo Cuba gives an interview after splitting from Melissa Paredes. (Photo: Teledeports)

after stopping from Melissa Paredes and have common custody of your daughter, Rodrigo Cuba He decided to break his silence and tell what he was going through after a Dancer Anthony Aranda with his stable wife Ka Ampe,

As it is recalled, to this day, the athlete would not have spoken and we only knew the details of what he was experiencing from the mouth of his father, Jorge Cuban, and two statements published on his Instagram account.

On this occasion, Rodrigo Cuban gave an extensive interview for Teledeports, a program that will be broadcast this Sunday at 6:30 pm.

As recalled, the footballer left Cesar Vallejo and signed for Sport Boys del Callao, and one of the reasons for this is to be closer to his daughter playing in Lima.

In the preview you can hear Rodrigo Cuba saying that as long as you tell the truth, you will always get justice.

“As long as you do things well, be honest and tell the truth, there will always be justice”Said the athlete, who doesn’t hesitate to talk about the tough times he has had to live.

“Whether it bothers me or not, a person always wants to take maximum care of his privacy”, he pointed.

“It is a difficult moment in which one has to arm himself with courage”, You hear him say it a second time.

his unconditional love

Regarding his daughter Mia, Rodrigo Cuba had words moving towards his daughter.

“It’s an unconditional love that I have with her, it’s an infinite love. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve felt in my 29 years.”

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In the end, he stated that he believed that “Being a better person is more important.”

The full interview will air this Sunday, November 21 at 6:30 pm on Panamericana Television.

Rodrigo Cuba signs agreement with Melissa Paredes

On November 11, Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba signed a reconciliation. Apart from the division of property, the couple entered into an agreement regarding divorce, custody and expenses of the minor.

So that, A shared custody was agreed, that both the parents would take care of the girl’s expenses equally, divorced by mutual consent and not because of infidelity.

what’s more, Rodrigo Cuba managed to live in the apartment he had previously shared with his former partner, However, he will have to pay financial compensation of 40 thousand soles.

Rodrigo Cuba settles with a single wedding suit

Rodrigo Cuba’s father confirmed to Amor y Fuego that his son came to the reconciliation center with the same suit as when he married Melissa Paredes. George Cuban did the same to end that chapter of his life as a family. “It’s a message,” he said happily.

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