Rodrigo Cuba holding his daughter’s hand tattooed: “Together forever”

U.S.A.Rodrigo Cuba holding his daughter's hand tattooed: "Together forever"

Rodrigo Cuba has got his daughter tattooed. (Photo: Instagram)

after their separation Melissa Paredes, Rodrigo Cuba He has given himself entirely to his daughter, Mia, for whom he fought a common term. The footballer is in charge of taking care of her and pampering her for 3 and a half days a week.

It is in one of these outings where a picture was taken which he published on his Instagram account. Here we see him holding hands with his little girl from behind.

On that occasion he wrote: “Together, a day between two, it seems more than a day. Together, love for two, love in good company. If you are like that, how lucky are you with me now”,

This was published after Rodrigo Cuba signed a deal with Melissa Paredes, where they also agreed to share custody of their daughter. To this dedication he attached the hashtags #Siemprejuntos and #diasdemiaypapa.

Rodrigo Cuba and his little Mia.  (Photo: Instagram)
Rodrigo Cuba and his little Mia. (Photo: Instagram)

Athlete surprised by getting a new tattoo with this emotional image this weekend

Rodrigo Cuban shared the process from start to finish, keeping the image of his little girl on his skin for the rest of his days. “Together forever”, you can read.

It must be remembered that Rodrigo Cuba was recently signed for Sport Boys del Callao. In this way, the football player will play in Lima and be close to his little girl.

Rodrigo Cuba breaks silence and gives an interview after separation

The footballer will appear on teledeports this Sunday to reveal his truth after splitting from Melissa Paredes. The athlete shall state that he is a . what is facing after Dancer Anthony Aranda with his stable wife Ka Ampe,

As it is recalled, to this day, the athlete would not have spoken and we only knew the details of what he was experiencing from the mouth of his father, Jorge Cuban, and two statements published on his Instagram account.

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“As long as you do things well, be honest and tell the truth, there will always be justice”Said the athlete, who doesn’t hesitate to talk about the tough times he has had to live.

“Whether it bothers me or not, a person always wants to take maximum care of his privacy”, he pointed.

“It is a difficult moment in which one has to arm himself with courage”, You hear him say it a second time.

his unconditional love

Regarding his daughter Mia, Rodrigo Cuba had words moving towards his daughter.

“It’s an unconditional love that I have with her, it’s an infinite love. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve felt in my 29 years.”

In the end, he stated that he believed that “Being a better person is more important.”

The full interview will air this Sunday, November 21 at 6:30 pm on Panamericana Television.

Melissa Parades showing off her bouquet of red roses again?

While Rodrigo Cuba shows off his new tattoo, his still-wife Melissa Paredes does the same, sharing the moments he lived with his daughter. In addition to a large bouquet of red roses. The girl is excited through her Instagram story, but does not give much information about who sent her.

Also, you see a message that this mysterious person is dedicated to you. “I love when you smile like now”, you can read.

Melissa Paredes shows her devotion to the person who sent her red roses.  (Photo: Instagram)
Melissa Paredes shows her devotion to the person who sent her red roses. (Photo: Instagram)

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