Rodrigo Granda assured that the hostages acted when they were “bored, not out of obligation”.

U.S.A.Rodrigo Granda assured that the hostages acted when they...

FILE PHOTO: A November 19, 2020, file photo shows former guerrilla chief Rodrigo Granda during an interview with Efe in Bogota, Colombia. EFE / Mauricio Dueas Castaneda

During the past weeks there has been talk of possible accusations of slavery to former leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) of Colombia, a fact which was denied by Rodrigo Granda, known as the chancellor of the subversive group. . Xfork’s statement has generated controversy, not only because he denied being subjected to hostages during captivity, but because He assured that when he worked he did so out of “boredom” and not out of obligation.

“You can’t take it completely as a complete question because if any of the people who were in retention at that time say they feel bored and want to attend work X or Y from the same camp, So it was allowed, but it was not that it was an obligation, so there is a lot of manipulation,” Granda said this 22 November while skipping an event organized by the University of Externado regarding five years of the final peace agreement .

Granda assured that just as the FARC had promised demonetisation, they would recognize the crimes they had committed, but slavery is not on the list. The former guerrilla said the information has been rigged, even within crimes the group would admit to, such as the recruitment of minors.

Similarly, Granda argued that he would not accept the new position that the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) is taking up.

“What else do they want us to say, what did the Duke do by going from Wailing Wall to Head Butt? We’re telling our truth, we’re under no obligation to admit it, but neither do they force us to accept other claims.” can force”, said Granda.

However, it should be remembered that there is evidence to show that the FARC compelled the hijacker to act. JEP’s Truth Acknowledgment Chamber obtained the testimony of two South Block victims who were punished for not paying the sums imposed by the guerrillas, for which they were denied liberty and forced to work Was. Another case was that of a nurse at the Miraflores Hospital (Guaviare), who was forced to pursue her profession in battle and treat the wounded of the Farc.

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However, all of these versions are still under consideration to determine whether the JEP modifies Macrocase 01 to change it from “hostage-taking and other serious deprivation of liberty” to “hostage-taking, grave deprivation of liberty and other offences”. Can go Concurrent offenses committed by FARC-EP”. It builds on recommendations made months ago by the nation‘s Attorney General’s Office, taking into account the allegation of slavery as a crime against humanity.

To define the issue, the special court decided to seek the help of at least 18 organizations and university faculties, along with experts on the subject, to give their opinion on the merits given to these offences. Once these positions are taken, it will be decided whether to keep the final document or make the relevant amendments.

As announced, some of the institutions and organizations that will give their concept are: the University of Los Andes, Javeriana University, the University of Essex in England, as well as the University of Pennsylvania and Yale in the United States, and other study centers. On behalf of the organisations, the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), Dijustsia and other platforms were summoned.

It is important to clarify that although the body had requested its concept by some organizations and universities, the process is open to experts and scholars who wish to participate without any restrictions.

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