Rodrigo on his move to Cuban Sport Boys: “My decisions will always be about my daughter’s well-being”

U.S.A.Rodrigo on his move to Cuban Sport Boys: "My...

The football player changed teams to be with his daughter in Lima. (Photo: Instagram)

What many had hoped for has finally come true. Rodrigo Cuba He decided to comment on Empe that his still-wife Melissa Paredes starred with dancer Anthony Aranda.

After several weeks in deadly silence, the soccer player gave an interview for the teledeports program, which was broadcast by Panamericana Signal on November 21.

One of the questions asked was about his role as a father and joining the Sport Boys del Callao team. “What’s it like to be a father and leave everything for your child?”, the reporter is heard saying.

“It is an unconditional love that I have with him, it is an infinite love. I feel it is uncountable and cannot even be expressed in words”Started by saying

“It is the most beautiful thing I have felt in my 29 years. I give my life for him and My decisions will always be for the welfare of my daughter and I feel that it is your good that I am with you in your development and even more so in these moments,He added to his comment.

He also indicated that the next year will be full of new experiences and that he plans to be the best in his new team.

“It is a new year, the year of a different phase in my life and I believe that all changes come with positive things. In the workplace, always be the best and always stand outBut I believe that being a better person is more important.”, he pointed.

Recall that on November 17, the footballer confirmed his joining sports boys for the next season of league 1, comes from defender Cesar Vallejo University and will contest the election South American Cup 2022.

This happened after learning that Rodrigo might move to stay in Trujillo as the Trujillo team would have to concentrate in that province for the next year.

Rodrigo Cuba signs a deal with Sport Boys

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George CubanThe footballer’s father shared a picture on his social network in which the defender can be seen posing with a ‘pink’ jacket along with a message. “We Started a New Stage in the Fabulous Sport Boys”,

The Peruvian will have his second stint in the ‘Chalaco’ team since he signed his signing a year earlier, however an offer from Mexican football caused him to have his contract canceled.

Rodrigo Cuba re-signed for the Sport Boys two years later.
Rodrigo Cuba re-signed for the Sport Boys two years later.

Rodrigo Cuba sees change after signing the deal

Later Rodrigo Cuba sign reconciliation with Melissa Paredes, the footballer has decided to turn the page and start his new life with a radical change.

As it is remembered, on November 11 it was determined that the spouses were still they will have a common tenure Little Mia’s, in addition to sharing expenses fairly.

After leaving the reconciliation center, the athlete did not hesitate to celebrate it through his social networks and published a photo of his lawyer and his father, explaining that the only winner in this cumbersome process was his daughter.

Later, we see him getting a haircut in a barbershop. However, that was not all, Rodrigo published the image with the musical background of the song 911 by Seich & Jha Cortez.

You can listen to a part of the song in its entirety: “I told God, protect me from evil and I was single. Life if you were, then I’m dying, damn. I heard a so-called: I brought it back. You don’t have magic anymore, by your hat The rabbit also fell, A clear message that he has already closed his chapter with the former model.

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Rodrigo Cuba after split from Melissa Paredes and end of 2021: “Every change comes with positive things”

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