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MADRID – Luis Enrique immediately reacted after a number of media in England said he was asked Cristiano Ronaldo to train Manchester United . Enrique says media reports in the UK are just a joke.

“Is today April Fool’s Day?” said Enrique in response to the rumors, as quoted by page BR Football, Sunday (11/21/2021).

Luis Enrique does have a myriad of achievements at club level. However, he has a clear line of rivalry with Ronaldo. Before coaching the Spanish national team, Luis Enrique chose to coach Barcelona when Ronaldo was at Real Madrid.

The two always face each other as enemies during El Clasico. So don’t be surprised, when Ronaldo is said to want to be trained Luis Enrique at Manchester United, the news was not taken seriously.

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Luis Enrique’s name is on the list of favorite coaches to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. However, it seems difficult to materialize because he is carrying out his duties as coach of his beloved country, the Spanish national team.

Besides Enrique, there are a number of other famous names. Those coaches include Zinedine Zidane, Brendan Rodgers, Erik Ten Hag, Mauricio Pochettino, Ralf Rangnick and Laurent Blanc.

There is no sign of the name above that will be docked in the near future. Therefore it is very interesting who the next coach will be. Is it from a famous coach, or even a surprising choice. Of course, very interesting to look forward to.


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