Rosario Robles called in his support to participate in a peaceful civil resistance: “The country is bloody, it is in mourning”.

U.S.A.Rosario Robles called in his support to participate in...

Rosario Robles asked to support Arturo Zaldivar’s position to avoid abuse of pretrial detention (Photo: Mario Jasso / Cuartoscuro)

Rosario Robles, a former cabinet official during Enrique Pea Nieto’s six-year tenure in Mexico (2012-2018), called on citizens to join the peaceful civil resistance and support his family, which began today in his support.

From prison, the former Secretary of Social Development (Sedesol) made a publication on his personal Twitter account to extend the invitation and demand justice for their freedomwell, she said, he has been wrongly imprisoned,

“I invite you to join the #ResistenciaCivilPacifica started today by my family, my daughter @Mariana_Moguel, my friends, to demand justice, my freedom and that of many They are unjustly imprisoned. #JusticeYesRevengeNo #RoutedelFreedom“Shared Robles.

He gave a link to his official Facebook page with this tweet, from which he expanded his message asking people to “raise their voices” to strengthen the position of the Supreme Court of the Nation‘s (SCJN) President Arturo Zaldivar. who Has advocated an end to the abuse of pre-trial detention by federal officials,

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

“(I invite you) to strengthen the position of Minister Arturo Zaldivar to raise your voice that preventive detention is abused and that prisons are full of people who have no resources or possibilities to defend themselves. No,” he urged.

Later he called with his message Prevent the government from using the institutions of justice for personal revenge, “Join the Days of Judgment. Mexico needs reconciliation, Mexico needs peace.”

“We are the women who can take care of it, we can raise it. I call you in a special way so that we demand that justice be done, because #SiesVenganzaNoesJusticia, because it is not justice if institutions are used for personal revenge, Let’s stand together on a peaceful Civil Resistance Day in favor of justice. #RutadelaLibertad”, Robles went deep.

This request was accompanied by a video. The material featured images of some of the achievements that Robles had achieved during her tenure as head of Seidesol, which reiterated with her voice-overs that she, like many other women, was unjustly deprived of her freedom.

This Sunday marked the beginning of the Citizens' Day of Resistance, promoted by Mariana Moguel Robles, daughter of the former head of Sedesol (Photo: EFE/Carlos Ramírez)
This Sunday marked the beginning of the Citizens’ Day of Resistance, promoted by Mariana Moguel Robles, daughter of the former head of Sedesol (Photo: EFE/Carlos Ramírez)

“Santa Martha from Acatitla, where I have been unfairly denied, as well as many other local women, Condemned to die slowly to lose, with no chance to move on“And I invite you to join the peaceful civil resistance that my family and my daughter Mariana begin today (Sunday) to demand justice and my freedom,” he noted.

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He also assured that Mexico is “bloody, in mourning” For the injustice done in prisons. To solve this problem, he declared, there are women who can “lift it”, because the country owes justice and women.

,Prisons are full of people who do not have resources, who have no possibility to defend themselves and today from this gulf, I also speak for all of them.For many of those mothers who can’t care for their babies, it’s very important to me that you engage in activities that begin with a day of prayer, reconciliation, peace, because that’s what Mexico needs today. Servant sentenced to ex-citizen

It should be remembered that the family of Rosario Robles started this day of civil resistance on 15 November. His daughter, at the hand of Mariana Moguel, was announced to request her release, as she claimed she was the victim of an injustice, a political revenge. #SíEsVenganzaNoEsJusticia is the name given to the act, inspired by a phrase that Mariana has repeated herself since her mother was in prison.

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